Metal Fabrication Solutions

Turret Punch Presses and Cutting Lasers

EVS Metal performs fabrication processes using a range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Turret punching and/or laser cutting is the first step in the fabrication process with any of these materials in order to produce a finished part or product. The speed and accuracy of EVS Metal’s turret presses and lasers, including CNC-enabled machines, help us maintain a competitive edge on part cost, resulting in consistent quality. The ability to run unattended and the large capacity provided by our sixteen machines allows us to meet our customers’ ever-increasing demands. A comprehensive, on-site training program guarantees the exceptional skill level of EVS operators.


Metal Forming and Bending

Our metal forming and bending department is equipped with the latest fabrication technology, including CNC-operated machines. We utilize European-style press brake tooling for greater accuracy, longer tool life, flexibility and faster set-up time. EVS Metal’s 27 press brakes are networked to accurately store programs and speed set-up of repeat jobs.` Amada’s Bendcad software to program the brakes offline, further minimizing set-up and lead times.

Hardware Insertion

Our hardware insertion capabilities feature massive capacity, including 33 Haeger insertion presses, most of which are equipped with automated feeds to increase efficiency.

Metal Polishing, Graining and Deburring

To provide EVS customers with scratch and burr-free parts, we utilize state-of-the-art Timesaver© graining/deburring machines and an extensive array of tumbling and grinding equipment. From grained finishes to #8 mirror stainless, our highly-skilled techs can handle every metal finishing need.



Our ISO 9001:2015-certified CNC machining facilities in Texas (ITAR-registered) and New Jersey are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our staff of engineers imports 3D files (.sldprt, .prt, stp, iges, x_t) using the most recent version of SolidWorks, allowing our experienced craftsmen to use these 3D models to program the equipment using MasterCam X. EVS is able to perform secondary operations on sheet metal fabrications more efficiently, as well as full-blown turnkey machining to serve our customers various needs.

Overview of EVS Metal’s CNC Machining capabilities:

  • Climate-controlled environment
  • Work envelope: 50x20x20 vertical; 22x25x22 horizontal
  • Precision tolerances of +/-.001 inch
  • Run quantities from 5 to 2500 pcs
  • High speed 15,000 RPM
  • Renishaw probes for accurate tool placement
  • Oldest machine 2009
  • Newest machine 2020
  • Materials machined include ferrous, non-ferrous and plastics
  • 4 vertical CNC mills; 1 horizontal CNC mill; 1 CNC Lathe w\Live and 90-degree tooling; 
  • Romer Arm CMM

Machining for Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing


From spot welding to arc welding, our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to create precision solutions for even the most complex requirements. Discover the difference that can be made when receiving assistance from the industry’s finest welders.

Overview of EVS Metal’s Welding Capabilities:

  • TIG and MIG welding in all material, gauges, and sizes
  • All welders are certified to meet, at minimum, the requirements of the American Welding Society D9.1M/D9.1:2006 Sheet Metal Welding Code
  • Welders are currently certified to AWS codes such as D1.2 and B2.1. If we do not have a welder certified to a specific code, our welders can quickly certify to that code in order to handle any project
  • In-house precision fixture design and fabrication
  • Experts in large precision frame and enclosure welding
  • Robotic welding in steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Gantry-style spot welding equipment provides the ability to work with heavier and larger parts
  • Platen-style spot welding equipment provides efficient spot welding of larger parts as well as the ability to provide highly-cosmetic spot welds
  • Spot welding in most materials and gauges

Welding for Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing


Unlike most sheet metal fabricators, EVS Metal has the ability to handle paint and powder coat finishing requirements in house. This allows us to better control quality, cost and lead times.

EVS Metal – New Jersey:
Fully-Automated Powder Coating Line

  • Three-stage gas-heated spray washer
  • Final fresh RO Halo Rinse
  • Reverse osmosis system to fill the phosphate and rinse tanks
  • Gas-heated water dryer/powder bake oven
  • 460′ monorail conveyor system
  • Nordson Versa-Coat automatic powder spray booth with six-gun reciprocating automation
  • Direct Color Systems Direct Jet UV Color 7200z Printer 23.8″x48″ Printable Area
  • (3) Nordson manual spray guns
  • (4) Silk screening stations

EVS Metal – Texas:
Fully-Automated Powder Coating Line

  • Three-stage gas-heated spray washer
  • Final fresh RO Halo Rinse
  • Reverse osmosis system to fill the phosphate and rinse tanks
  • Gas-heated water dryer/powder bake oven
  • 470′ monorail conveyor system
  • Nordson Vantage RCM 8000 automatic powder spray booth with Vers-Spray II six-gun reciprocating automation and i-control
  • AZO sieve reclaim
  • 3 Nordson manual spray guns

EVS Metal – New Hampshire:
Wet and Powder Coat Finishing

  • Four prime and finish coat paint booths
  • Waste2Water model VIPIR ESD V01 pretreatment and recycle module
  • Waste2Water above-ground VIPIR 6X12 wash pad, ESD V23
  • Clemco Ind. BKP720-1200RDC blast room with 500 LB turntable
  • Wisconsin EWN-88-7G oven
  • Ability to apply CARC to MIL-DTL-53072C
Finishing | Wet & Dry Coatings | Power Coating

Additional Finishing Services
EVS Metal utilizes the expertise of several certified local sources for finishing, including services such as plating and anodizing. These additional capabilities reinforce our commitment to being an end-to-end provider, ensuring quality and consistency while simplifying our customers’ purchasing process.


EVS Metal may be best known as a leading precision sheet metal fabricator, but as a vertically-integrated manufacturer, we also provide a number of other services, including many different types of assembly and integration for a wide range of industries, from aerospace and military to alternative energy and medical products:

  • Mechanical Assembly: Assembling custom-fabricated parts into subassemblies and chassis by mechanical means such as fasteners or rivets, or welded means such as spot welding or arc welding. Assemblies may be small or large, and can include subassemblies or complete products.
  • Assembly and Integration of UL-Certified Products: EVS currently builds many products that have been previously UL Certified by our customers in their own shops. Our engineers and production supervisors work with UL to ensure our New Jersey remains certified to build and label all products as our customers would do in their own facilities, including
  • Active Electronics and Software Installation: Adds active circuit boards, hardware and software to the electromechanical assembly. Full functionality, performance and diagnostic testing can be completed. EVS can also perform all electrical safety testing including: AC/DC hipot, insulation resistance, ground continuity and leakage testing.
  • Electromechanical Assembly: Joining of electrical components into the mechanical assembly, including the installation of fans, cables, wire harnesses and power supplies.
  • Box Build and Logistics: Complete build-to-order assembly and/or integration with test processes that build a finished product for an OEM customer or end user. All logistical support and supply chain management services are provided including direct shipment to the end customer.

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