Precision METAL FABRICATION Services

Turret Presses and Lasers

Turret punching and/or laser cutting is the first step in the fabrication process. The speed and accuracy of EVS Metal’s turret presses and lasers help us maintain a competitive edge on part cost and result in consistent quality. The ability to run unattended and the large capacity provided by our sixteen fabricators allows us to meet our customers’ ever-increasing demands. A comprehensive, on-site training program guarantees the exceptional skill level of EVS operators.


Metal Forming

Our metal forming and bending department is equipped with the latest technology. We utilize European-style press brake tooling for greater accuracy, longer tool life, flexibility and faster set-up time. EVS Metal’s twenty-seven press brakes are networked to accurately store programs and speed set-up of repeat jobs. EVS utilizes Amada’s Bendcad software to program our brakes offline, further minimizing set-up and lead times.

Hardware Insertion

Our hardware insertion capabilities feature massive capacity, including 33 Haeger insertion presses, most of which are equipped with automated feeds to increase efficiency.

Metal Polishing, Graining and Deburring

To provide EVS customers with scratch and burr-free parts, we utilize state-of-the-art Timesaver© graining/deburring machines and an extensive array of tumbling and grinding equipment. From grained finishes to #8 mirror stainless, our highly-skilled techs can handle every metal finishing need.