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EVS Metal Invests in Automation with Amada Robotic Press Brake

Installation of EVS Metal's Amada HC 1003 Robotic Press Brake with ATC

In 2017, EVS Metal visited FABTECH Chicago, took one look at the Amada HG 1003 press break with automatic tool changer (ATC), and bought it on the spot. Fast forward to 2021, and EVS has invested in yet another of these high-tech press brakes, this time adding the optional bending robot for even faster and more efficient production while still providing the accuracy for which the company is known.

What Makes the Amada HG 1003 ARs Unique?

The HG 1003 ARs is an incredible piece of metal fabrication equipment that automates a number of processes via its 7-axis robot, including part loading, bending, and unloading operations. The robot is mounted on a rail in front of the press brake, and is able to travel up to 252″ up and down the length of the machine. With its automatic gripper changer (AGC), the robot is capable of handling parts up to 44 lbs by automatically sensing which gripper set should be used for each part, and swapping out grippers as needed. In fact, the robot is so sophisticated that it can perform both acute and obtuse bends.

Meanwhile, the ATC ensures that tools are managed quickly and precisely using four tool manipulators to load tooling from 15 punch stockers and 18 die stockers with even the most complex tool layouts taking no more than three minutes. This incredible machine automates tool setup so efficiently that it triples or even quadruples the number of setups EVS can perform each day, and allows even less-experienced operators to easily learn the ins and outs of its use.

What Other Benefits Does the HG 1003 ARs Provide for Metal Fabricators?

Installation of EVS Metal's Amada HC 1003 Robotic Press Brake with ATC
  • The ability to store 86′ of robot-loaded tooling via the ATC
  • An AMNC-3i control system, which includes a high-powered processor and expanded memory on a large, easy-to-use touchscreen
  • A potentiometer backgauge system with additional side gauge provides the bending robot with the ability to quickly and accurately gauge a wide range of part geometries, preventing issues with quality
  • Bi-S probe-style bend sensors position themselves automatically, enabling adjustments in bend angles on the fly, reducing or eliminating the need for test bends while reducing setup time
  • Lower energy consumption when compared to other machines in its category = reduced operational costs

How Does the HG 1003 ARs Robotic Press Brake with ATC Benefit EVS Metal’s Fabrication Customers?

With its incredible speed and superior precision, the Amada HG 1003 ARs allows EVS Metal to process orders faster and even more accurately than ever before, even when rush orders are requested. This means EVS’s metal fabrication customers are able to get their products to market more quickly and efficiently than ever before, without added cost.

Interested in how EVS Metal’s HC 1003 ARs can benefit your company? Get a quote, request more information online, or give us a call at 1-888-9EVS-MET.

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