Fabricated Metal Parts Assembly and Integration


While best known as a leading precision sheet metal fabricator, our capabilities stretch far beyond. As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, we offer an extensive suite of assembly and integration services across diverse industries. From military and defense to power supply, energy, medical device, warehouse autmation, robotics and data center components, we’re your partner in fabrication excellence.

  • Mechanical Assembly: Assembling custom-fabricated parts into subassemblies and chassis by mechanical means such as fasteners or rivets, or welded means such as spot welding or arc welding. Assemblies may be small or large, and can include subassemblies or completely assembled products.
  • Assembly and Integration of UL-Certified Products: EVS currently builds many products that have been previously UL Certified by our customers in their own shops. Our engineers and production supervisors work with UL to ensure our New Jersey metal fab facility remains certified to build and label all products as our customers would do in their own facilities. This includes NEMA-rated electrical enclosures.
  • Active Electronics and Software Installation: This process involves integrating active circuit boards, hardware and software to the electromechanical assembly. Full functionality, performance and diagnostic testing is completed to ensure desired functionality. EVS is also able to perform all electrical safety testing including: AC/DC hipot, insulation resistance, ground continuity and leakage testing.
  • Electromechanical Assembly: Joining of electrical components into the mechanical assembly, including the installation of fans, cables, wire harnesses and power supplies.
  • Box Build and Logistics: Complete build-to-order assembly and/or integration with test processes that build a finished product for an OEM customer or end user. All logistical support and supply chain management services are provided including direct shipment to the end customer.
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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Assembly and Integration Department In Action
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