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What is a UL Certified Type 1 508A Enclosure?

UL-Certified Type 1 508A EnclosuresEVS Metal’s New Jersey precision fabrication facility is authorized to design and build UL-certified type 1 508A electrical enclosures. This is an important differentiator for EVS, as this capability allows our clients to utilize our NJ shop to custom fabricate new enclosures that are UL certified. This means that rather than being forced to choose from prefabricated, off-the-shelf enclosures to ensure UL certification, they may instead collaborate with our engineering team to design the exact size and configuration required without being constrained by what is currently in stock from companies with certified product lines.

The flexibility gained by employing a metal shop that is authorized to fabricate custom, UL certified enclosures results can result in economies for those seeking to manufacture products with this mark, as all pieces may then potentially be finished in-house, shortening lead times and speeding time to market.

What is a UL-certified type 1 508A enclosure?

According to UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a type 1 508A electrical enclosure is “an assembly incorporating two or more pieces of industrial control equipment or related control circuit devices, provided with interconnecting wiring and terminals for connections in the field.” This type of enclosure is meant for indoor use, primarily to provide protection against contact with the enclosed equipment and against a limited amount of falling dirt and debris.

UL-certified control panels must include clear electrical ratings and instructions for installation on the panel itself. They are also required to meet certain performance standards including but not limited to: protection against corrosion, spacings, insulating materials and electrical grounding.

What are the benefits of selecting UL-certified type 1 508A enclosures?

There are many. First and foremost: The UL mark provides evidence of third-party certification to both the municipal authority (electrical inspector) auditing the industrial control panel, and to the purchaser of the panel as well. It shows that the panel complies with an accepted safety standard on both a national and local level.

Second: Manufacturers like EVS Metal that are UL 508A certified are required to undergo random audits by UL inspectors. This means that we must continue to meet all UL requirements, even after certification standards have initially been met.

Third: Any enclosure with the UL mark may only contain UL-approved components. This means that all parts of the panel have met UL requirements, thereby guaranteeing quality and safety.

Find out how EVS Metal’s UL 508A certification can add value to your business by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432.


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