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2021 Guide to Assembly and Integration for Metal Fabrication

Over the past 25 years, EVS Metal has become well known as a leading provider of sheet metal fabrication solutions. However, as a true end-to-end provider of manufacturing services, many customers also choose EVS for their assembly and integration needs. Why? Keeping these services in-house often results in a reduction in production complexity, leading to a simultaneous reduction in expenses. Our assembly and integration teams are highly-trained and execute complex jobs with precision and pride, and are able to perform a number of different processes.

Mechanical Assembly & Integration

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Made possible by our expert mechanical engineers, using this assembly line process requires special engineering techniques during product development to ensure it may be assembled in time-sensitive and cost-effective way. After fabrication and finishing, our shop team then assembles the parts to make a complete product via the use of fasteners or rivets, or welded means including spot or arc welding.

Electromechanical Assembly & Integration

Electrical components, including fans, cables, wire harnesses and power supplies, are joined, often by hand, into the mechanical assembly. One of the most common types of electromechanical assemblies is the relay, which helps prevent overloaded wiring.

Active Electronics Installation and Integration

circuit board
Image by Remaztered Studio from Pixabay

Our experts are tasked with adding hardware, software and active circuit boards to electromechanical assemblies. Once complete, full functionality, performance and diagnostic testing can then be carried out. The EVS team is also able to provide electrical safety testing, including AC/DC hipot, ground continuity, leakage testing and insulation resistance.

Box Builds

EVS’ build-to-order assembly and integration services allow us to build a finished product, complete with test processes, for both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or direct end users. 

Assembly and Integration of UL-Certified Electrical Enclosures

Besides building previously UL-certified products for our customers, EVS Metal is also able to design, fabricate and build custom UL-certified enclosures at our New Jersey facility. This allows our customers to collaborate directly with our engineering team to design the exact product they need, rather than being forced to choose from pre-fabricated, pre-UL-certified enclosures to ensure UL compliance.

NEMA-Rated Electrical Enclosure Assembly

electrical enclosures
Image by Wendy Mechelle from Pixabay

The NEMA rating system was created by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association to categorize electrical enclosures that could be contaminated by liquids (rain, snow, or spills), dust/dirt, or other particulate matter. EVS Metal fabricates and assembles metal enclosures that may need to be built to NEMA standards, including those for power distribution, switch gear, lighting, and various other electrical components. NEMA-rated electrical enclosures can be manufactured out of materials including stainless steel and aluminum, depending on the application. 

The economy of scale that can be achieved by keeping multiple services under one roof, like fabrication and assembly, is often a major competitive advantage to our clients. With less inventory to manage and fewer items to purchase, there is a natural reduction in overall labor costs, as well as the additional savings gained by being part of larger material buys. When we purchase more, our prices per unit go down, and we are committed to passing these savings along to our valuable customers.

Find out how EVS Metal’s assembly and integration experts can assist your company by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432.

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