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EVS Metal Helps the Electronics Industry Design Cost-Effective Metal Enclosures and Fabrications

As the leading producer of quality precision sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, mechanical assemblies, and integration, EVS Metal is always focused on expanding the list of industries for which we can provide optimized solutions. Recently, our efforts have been directed toward providing services for a greater number of engineers and product designers in the electronics industry. With a multitude of options for methods of fabrication, it’s no surprise that some of the most famous names in the industry have come to depend on our quality service. We understand that your design is the cornerstone of a brilliant project, and at … Continue reading “EVS Metal Helps the Electronics Industry Design Cost-Effective Metal Enclosures and Fabrications”

Top 3 Reasons to Hire EVS Metal Fabrication

EVS Metal is a leading sheet metal machining company and one of the best fabricators in the country. EVS makes it a point to offer more than its competitors—and that’s earned EVS high customer loyalty. So why exactly has EVS Metal become such a big name in the fabricating industry, and what keeps customers coming back for more? Here are the top three reasons companies depend on EVS: 1.   Full Service: We have made it a point to offer full-service, start-to-finish design and fabrication. EVS has skilled engineers who can take even the most complex concept or technical need and design an effective, efficient part to do the job. … Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons to Hire EVS Metal Fabrication”

EVS Metal Places in “The Fabricator”’s 2014 Fab 40

For several years, the experts at EVS Metal have known that a high level of diversity has surrounded the metal fabrication industry, a fact that is unlikely to change in the future. While it has given us the opportunity to expand our professional experience, many companies fear hat complexity breeds threats to success. In The Fabricator‘s most recent issue, researchers found that it is the “smart use of information [that] has become the bedrock of high-production-mix metal fabrication”, underscoring the idea that only businesses which correctly utilize and manage their data manage to survive the industry’s rigorous demands. Today we … Continue reading “EVS Metal Places in “The Fabricator”’s 2014 Fab 40″

How a Full-Service Metal Fabricator Boosts ROI

Whether you need individual parts fabricated or an entire assembly, contracting a fabricator is a major investment. It’s important to not only get the parts you need, but also to get maximum value and a high ROI. While there are many experienced fabricators to choose from, only a select few offer full-service metal fabrication from start to finished product. These full service fabricators can help you control your costs across the design, fabrication and assembly process, ultimately delivering a better product with better ROI. To understand how working with a full service metal fabricator is important for your ROI, let’s look … Continue reading “How a Full-Service Metal Fabricator Boosts ROI”

The Art + Science of Designing Metal Products for Manufacturing

Owning and operating your own business is an admirable endeavor, one that is possible for almost anyone to attempt. Unfortunately, however, in most industries, the pathway to success is a razor-thin line. If you try to outdo your competition too drastically or restrict quality for quantity, there’s a strong chance you may drive yourself out of business. To help your business succeed, the experts at EVS Metal have utilized their generations’ worth of experience to create a method of production that is both efficient and effective toward sheet metal fabrication and other various precision metal solutions. With a mind toward … Continue reading “The Art + Science of Designing Metal Products for Manufacturing”

EVS Metal: 20 Years of Sheet Metal Fabrication Excellence

Riverdale, NJ – January 20, 2014: EVS Metal, Inc., a leading supplier of fabricated sheet metal, integration, machined parts and engineering services, proudly celebrates 20 years in business in 2014. From Fabricating Enclosures to Nearly Everything Incorporated by Scott Berkowitz and Joe Amico in 1994 to provide industrial rack mount enclosures for the growing PC market, EVS Metal found a precision sheet metal market looking for a company with a fresh approach.  EVS Metal has grown from a single 5,000 square foot, 10 employee facility to a company with four ISO9001:2015 certified facilities with over 250 employees in New Jersey, … Continue reading “EVS Metal: 20 Years of Sheet Metal Fabrication Excellence”

Watch as the New EVS Metal Fabrication Facility is Built from the Ground Up

May 11 — EVS Metal is hard at work preparing our new Riverdale, NJ facility, pictured above in the midst of its transformation. The facility will house shipping and receiving, a warehouse, large-scale welding, stamping, and several assembly lines. The loading dock area was rebuilt to allow dock access for 3 vehicles, which will give us 4 docks altogether and help with incoming and outgoing logistics. Additionally, we have upgraded the electrical service to 480 volts to allow the installation of customized machinery as required. This is a big step for EVS, as it will give us huge room for … Continue reading “Watch as the New EVS Metal Fabrication Facility is Built from the Ground Up”

Metal Fabrication Company Grows By Staying Small

EVS Metal was featured in The Fabricator magazine’s 2012 Fab 40. The article talks about how multiple locations help EVS stay more agile than their larger sheet metal fabrication competitors. EVS’s co-founder, Joseph Amico, is quoted in the article. Here’s an excerpt: How does a metal fabricator grow yet maintain the same customer responsiveness that helped to build the business in the first place? By staying small, of course. What sounds like a riddle of the Great Sphinx is actually the secret of EVS Metal’s success. The Riverdale, N.J., metal fabricator has deliberately tried to maintain a certain revenue and … Continue reading “Metal Fabrication Company Grows By Staying Small”

Inside The Operation: EVS Metal + Amada

    EVS Metal was very pleased to be featured in an article in Amada’s magazine. Some key quotes from the article came from one of EVS’s two co-founders, VP Joe Amico: “You have to look at the whole value proposition,” says Amico. “Sure, there are some machines out there that move faster and cut faster than the Amada. We could have opted for linear motors, or more robust material handling, but we would have spent another $200,000 for basically the same machine. For our budget, it was a no-brainer. We came right back to the Amada.” “Sure, you need … Continue reading “Inside The Operation: EVS Metal + Amada”

EVS Metal: Fabricating the Margo Sawyer Sculpture

I bet you didn’t know EVS was into the art scene, did you? Well down in Houston, EVS is supplying the materials needed to create amazing sculptural pieces, like the one artist Margo Sawyer created for a new outdoor space, Discovery Green. EVS Metal’s Texas precision fabrication facility, just outside of Austin, fabricated all of the sheet metal for Margo which she then turned into a thing of beauty. Here’s an excerpt from the NY Times article that gives readers an inside look at Margo’s inspiration: Discovery Green, set to open April 13, offers recreation-seekers a striking new downtown amenity … Continue reading “EVS Metal: Fabricating the Margo Sawyer Sculpture”

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