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Creating Value via Supply Chain Efficiencies

EVS Metal is known as a provider of quality metal fabrication solutions. However, over the past twenty years, our company has grown far beyond its origins as a fabricator to become one of the most respected, fully vertically-integrated manufacturers in the United States. This evolution is not just a source of pride to our organization internally, but our close management of our supply chain also an important point of differentiation to our customers and in the overall marketplace.

Why is vertical integration important? Because it provides value. And not just value in terms of bottom-line costs, but value in terms of time as well. With 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space and over 300 employees in four locations across the country, EVS is able to provide all of the necessary resources to be able to successfully and efficiently take a concept from design to deployment.

What are the real benefits of contracting with a vertically-integrated manufacturer that can control its supply chain over one with only one or two specific capabilities? There are three primary advantages. The first is lower costs. By keeping the entire process in house, EVS is able to eliminate the mark-ups generally found when different aspects of the supply chain are outsourced and consequently passed on to the customer. This keeps waste to a minimum by optimizing resources and eliminating additional costs whenever possible.

Vertical integration also makes the process more efficient and convenient for the customer by keeping communication and accountability in one place. Rather than dealing with multiple project managers spread over a number of different suppliers, our clients work with a single point of contact for an entire project, allowing for simplified and streamlined communications across the board.

Finally, end-to-end manufacturing solutions offer a level of control that is impossible to achieve when utilizing multiple vendors. Keeping all of our operations in house allows us to fully embrace the responsibility we have for every stage of manufacturing we touch, from engineering to delivery. At EVS, we don’t make excuses; instead, we make it right, and we make it right here — in the USA.

The expert engineers, fabricators and logistics specialists at EVS deliver superior, vertically-integrated manufacturing services. Find out how we can help fulfill your company’s needs by requesting a quote online, or by calling us at (973) 839-4432 today.


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