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High-Mix, Low-Volume Manufacturing in a Lean Metal Fabrication Environment

Last week, we began a discussion on utilizing lean principles in traditional job shops.  We continue this week by taking a look at exactly how high-mix, low-volume environments can incorporate and benefit from these ideas, even when the focus must be on production, rather than product. How can lean practices be implemented in high-mix, low-volume fabrication shops? Moving toward a lean job shop floor in a high-mix, low-volume environment may ultimately require a different perspective, but the foundational principles of lean must still be followed, at least at the start.  Assessing all types of waste is still necessary, and can … Continue reading “High-Mix, Low-Volume Manufacturing in a Lean Metal Fabrication Environment”

Lean Manufacturing in a Metal Fabrication Shop

Article Revised August 19th, 2022 The origins of lean manufacturing can be found in the Toyota Production System (TPS) philosophy of the 1980s. This management style centers around the idea that reducing processes and positions down to the bare necessities makes it much easier to see what’s important or adds the most value. What are the positive effects of implementing lean manufacturing? At its most basic, lean manufacturing focuses on the elimination of waste; not just physical waste, as in an excess of materials, but also waste that occurs as the result of overburdening, or via uneven workloads.  It systemically … Continue reading “Lean Manufacturing in a Metal Fabrication Shop”

Fabricating Digital Directories + Wayfinding Kiosks

EVS Metal has built its reputation of quality around precision metal fabrication. But as an end-to-end provider of manufacturing services, from design to end-user delivery, we’ve also gained a strong following of those seeking a vertically integrated solution for high-tech engineering and prototyping. Because we have the in-house capabilities across our four American manufacturing facilities to take most jobs from design to completion, we are able to turn around projects, including digital kiosks and directories, quickly and within our customers’ budgets, regardless of size. Digital Directories and Wayfinding as the New Standard Once limited to large companies seeking to impress … Continue reading “Fabricating Digital Directories + Wayfinding Kiosks”

Creating Value via Supply Chain Efficiencies

EVS Metal is known as a provider of quality metal fabrication solutions. However, over the past twenty years, our company has grown far beyond its origins as a fabricator to become one of the most respected, fully vertically-integrated manufacturers in the United States. This evolution is not just a source of pride to our organization internally, but our close management of our supply chain also an important point of differentiation to our customers and in the overall marketplace. Why is vertical integration important? Because it provides value. And not just value in terms of bottom-line costs, but value in terms … Continue reading “Creating Value via Supply Chain Efficiencies”

Fabricating History: The New Tappan Zee Bridge

In May of 2015, EVS Metal was awarded a contract from the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) to contribute metal fabrications for the “New NY Bridge/New Tappan Zee Bridge” — the original working name for the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.  A multi-billion dollar project, the bridge will replace the original Tappan Zee, and features separate, 3.1 mile spans, one for each direction of travel. After 600,000 work hours, the design stage is now at 99% completion and construction is underway, with the bridge opening slated for 2018. “It was incredibly gratifying to be awarded a contract that will … Continue reading “Fabricating History: The New Tappan Zee Bridge”

Why Accurate Total Landed Cost Calculations are Important (and How to Do it Right)

In terms of the supply chain, businesses need to be concerned with many different factors. Speed, efficiency, quality of services provided and costs involved are just a few of the considerations that require scrutiny when deciding how to manage and deploy the many moving parts of a typical supply chain. Of the different issues, it’s impossible to say which is most important; they all play significant roles in the success of a business. However, each factor will still ultimately be more affected by one aspect than any other: the controlling of costs.  Because there are so many variables that can … Continue reading “Why Accurate Total Landed Cost Calculations are Important (and How to Do it Right)”

Metal Fabrication and the Aerospace Industry

Article Revised August 24th, 2022 Aerospace engineering is the science of designing, fabricating, and assembling machines that fly, dating back to the early 19th century, with the emergence of such notable figures as the Wright Brothers and Gustave Whitehead. Due to the relatively recent advent of the subject matter involved — flight — it is still considered one of the newest branches of engineering. Although it began as a field specializing in aircraft, later another specialty emerged — one that equipped workers to deal with spacecraft. This led to the divergence of aerospace engineering into two different paths: aeronautical engineering, dealing primarily with … Continue reading “Metal Fabrication and the Aerospace Industry”

Metal Fabrication for the Alternative Energy Industry

The demand for renewable energy is growing at a rapid and seemingly unstoppable pace. Yet, there are constant challenges those in the industry must face. At EVS Metal, we understand the demands and uncertainties that are commonplace in this constantly evolving sector — everything from investor demands and political turmoil can come into play — and strive to meet our customers’ evolving needs as the requirements of the alternative energy industry change, expand and advance. Meeting the Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs of the Solar Energy Industry How do we provide consistent, cost-effective and flexible support to our renewable energy customers? … Continue reading “Metal Fabrication for the Alternative Energy Industry”

Welding Certifications, Endorsements + Styles for Metal Fabrication Environments

Article Revised August 26th, 2022 As a full-service precision sheet metal fabricator, EVS Metal offers a wide array of specialized manufacturing solutions in-house. One of these solutions is welding aluminum and stainless steel for metal fabrication. While this might seem simple at first, welding is quite a complex skill, and welders are generally required to attain several different types of certifications and endorsements per specific American Welding Society (AWS) standards.  Types of Welding Certifications and Endorsements AWS D9.1M/D9.1:2012 Sheet Metal Welding Code: All EVS welders meet at least the minimum requirements of the general AWS code. AWS D1.2, Structural Welding Code – … Continue reading “Welding Certifications, Endorsements + Styles for Metal Fabrication Environments”

What is Mechanical Design and Engineering for Metal Fabrication?

Article Revised July 31st, 2022 Although most well known for being a leading metal fabrication shop, EVS Metal also provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions including mechanical design and engineering across a variety of industries. This gives our company the flexibility to take on projects from the early design and prototyping stages through manufacturing and final delivery. A key component of EVS’s fully-integrated vertical production process is our mechanical engineering department. Mechanical engineering is a broad subject and covers the design and engineering of everything from small sensors to machine tools. The importance of having full-time mechanical engineers on staff cannot be … Continue reading “What is Mechanical Design and Engineering for Metal Fabrication?”

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