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Electromechanical Assembly in a Metal Fabrication Environment

EVS Metal may be best known as a leading precision sheet metal fabricator, but our commitment to offering a full range of fabrication solutions to our customers means that we must also offer a variety of important associated services too. One of these available options is electromechanical assembly and integration for finished products, from prototypes to full production runs.

What is electromechanical engineering? 

Electromechanics is a branch of engineering that combines both electrical and mechanical processes, including electrical engineering.  Any device which is able to carry out electrical operations by the use of moving parts is considered to be electromechanical. In the case of a job shop environment, it generally involves the integration of devices into products that utilize an electrical signal to create mechanical movement, or vice versa. Bells, alarms, speakers, microphones, many kinds of lighting, meters and sensors are all examples of electromechanical devices that may be integrated into finished products. These devices run on electromagnetic principles such as relays, allowing an electrical current or voltage to control other voltage or current by mechanically switching sets of contacts.

What is electromechanical assembly and integration?

Electromechanical assembly and integration involve building and adding intricate electrical components into mechanical assemblies. These components include fans, cables, wire harnesses and power supplies — in other words, many of the parts that make the product “go.” EVS’s highly-trained, on-site specialists help the company deliver on the promises made by our engineering team, allowing for the best possible product quality. In addition, our technicians’ accessibility in each of our four locations — from Texas to New Jersey — creates cost and time efficiencies not always available from companies who outsource their various services to others, and allows our staff to rapidly prototype products when required.  From box builds and NEMA-rated enclosures to power panel and harness assemblies, EVS techs are experts in their field and are driven to provide only the highest-quality deliverables to our customers.

EVS is incredibly proud to employ an outstanding staff of both mechanical and electromechanical technicians and we recognize their importance as an integral part of our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities. Discover how they can add value to your manufacturing supply chain by simply requesting a quote online, or giving us a call at (973) 839-4432 today.

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