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New Amada EG 6013 Power Press Brake with Automation for EVS Metal Fabrication NJ

amada EG 6013 press brakeEVS Metal, Inc., has added an extraordinary new fabrication system to their New Jersey manufacturing facility: the Amada EG 6013 Power Press Brake with Automation. This new bending machine features the world’s first dual servo-electric drive, allowing EVS to process parts with both high speed and high degrees of precision. The EG 6013 is especially impressive as it utilizes an advanced, six-axis bending robot that doesn’t just process parts, but actually sets itself up with the correct tools to create the required bends. This virtually eliminates the need for human operators, and therefore the potential dangers presented to them while handling small, highly complex parts.

Why Choose the Amada EG 6013 Over Other Press Brakes?

Why did EVS Metal choose this particular press brake? “Quality results and optimization of resources,” says EVS co-founder and vice president Joe Amico. “We are committed to the ideals of continuous improvement throughout all aspects of our operations, from front office to job floor. The Amada EG 6013 is fast, but exceptionally precise, allowing our company to eliminate both time and materials waste, while producing best-in-class results for our customers.”

Features and Benefits of the Amada EG 6013

Other features and benefits of EVS’s new dual servo-electric press brake include:

  • Quick loading and unloading of parts via multiple stations
  • Automatic tool changing station, allowing for continuous operation
  • Thickness Detection System (TDS) self-regulates depth positioning by reading the variance in material thickness
  • Larger open height and high rigidity TDS frame allows for longer machine strokes during materials processing
  • Offline programming capabilities

Amada’s reputation for quality made the 6013’s acquisition an easy choice and is an exciting addition to the already-impressive lineup of fabrication machines available at EVS Metal’s Riverdale, NJ-based manufacturing facility, conveniently located just 30 miles outside of New York City. It will allow the fabricator to maintain the tight tolerances and quality standards for which they have come to be known, all without a single operator. With this new addition up and running, EVS now stands ready to take on most any type of complex, high-precision bending project efficiently and cost-effectively, from prototype to production run.

At EVS Metal, we pride ourselves on the state-of-the-art forming and bending equipment available at all four of our American manufacturing facilities. Discover how our top-of-the-line machines can add value to your manufacturing supply chain; simply request a quote online, or give us a call at (973) 839-4432 today.

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