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Smart Automation: Improving Metal Fabrication Environments

Amada HG 1003 ARs (automated robot) forming medical equipment
Amada HG 1003 ARs (automated robot) forming medical equipment

Automation (also known as automatic control) is a frequently-used term in manufacturing, and it can mean many things. However, at its core, “automation” is simply the use of control systems to operate equipment and processes.

Automation is one of the most important concepts EVS Metal has integrated into its metal fabrication operations. Why? Because it helps us serve our clients to the very best of our ability.

How does smart automation improve metal fabrication and manufacturing environments?

  • Productivity — Speed of production as well as efficiency allows us to keep our costs as low as possible, so we can pass the cost savings onto our clients in the form of products and services that assist in keeping them within their project budgets. High levels of productivity also help create shorter lead times, which can help to decrease clients’ time to market.
  • Quality control — Ensures every item we manufacture meets the highest industry standards. We understand that without quality products, there is no EVS.
  • Process stability — Every item we manufacture meets the exact specifications set by our client with little to no variation between pieces. Therefore, they can be assured that each individual piece that comes out of our metal fabrication facility will fit and function properly each time it’s utilized within their own production lines.

These manufacturing concepts may sound simple, but they form the framework within which EVS Metal operates, and help us attain our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

While not all of EVS Metal’s manufacturing services would be considered automated, we’ve made every effort to invest in automated equipment where it makes the most sense. In other words, we’ve put our money into the machines and processes that are most likely to help us in ways that will positively impact our bottom line, and therefore, our clients’.

What metal fabrication machines can enhance productivity the most?

  • Amada EM 3612 ZRT turret punch press: A dual servo drive, die lift stations and automatic tool loader increase productivity with practically no maintenance costs
  • Amada EMK 3612 M2 punch press: When paired with the ASR 3015N, automates tool loading and unloading
  • Amada HG 1003 ARs: A robotic press brake with automatic tool changing capability
  • Haas EC-400 horizontal CNC machining center: Creates efficiencies in CNC machining that save time and ultimately cost
  • Amada ENSIS-Series 3015 3KW fiber laser: Innovative process automation features that speed up order processing times while still ensuring accuracy
  • Welding robots: Weld product more efficiently than human resources are able
  • Automated powder coating lines & guns: Coat parts accurately without an operator’s direct supervision

Essentially, automated manufacturing machines give us the flexibility to produce items of almost any type, in a wide range of lot sizes, while maintaining a clear focus on high levels of quality, standardization and affordability. Simply put, automation allows EVS Metal to deliver the best possible customer experience, at the lowest possible cost. Find out how EVS can use automation to add value to your business by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432 today.


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