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A New Amada Punch Press for EVS Metal Texas

EVS Metal’s Texas metal fabrication facility got an early Valentine’s Day gift this year — a brand-new Amada punch press

The Amada EMK 3612 M2 is one of the most technologically-advanced pieces of metal fabrication equipment on the market. This addition to EVS’s lineup up will be used in concert with the Amada ASR 3015N, which will allow for automated material load and unload. A powerful benefit of the ASR is that it eliminates the need for operators to wait for an entire sheet to be processed before a part can be handled. Additionally, sheets of different metal types can now be run concurrently since the ASR is capable of picking individual items, rather than having to use an entire pallet of a single material before moving on to the next. But the biggest benefit of pairing the ASR is with the EMK turret press is that it will allow for unattended, lights-out punching operation — a massive upgrade in terms of productivity

Here’s a photo of the delivery — more details and pictures coming soon!


Amada EMK punch press

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