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Fabricating Metal with the Amada EM ZRT Turret Punch Press

Since the inception of EVS Metal in 1994, our number one priority has been to deliver superior products to our customers. In order to improve our precision sheet metal fabrication services, we have purchased the Amada EM 3612 ZRT Turret Punch Press, a revolutionary new machine, which features automatic tool loading, and is changing the metal fab industry.

As a leading sheet metal fabricator, EVS is one of the first job shops in the US to take delivery of this machine. Learn more about the impressive features of the Amada ZRT Turret Punch Press below:

The Benefits of Automation

In an environment where market-driven demands include shorter lead times, just-in-time manufacturing, and tighter tolerances, the Amada ZRT Turret Punch Press stands out. With fully automatic tool loading, it allows for greater productivity around the clock, reduces the reliance on direct labor as well as production costs, and helps cut lead-in. These efficiencies and cost-saving measures are passed along to our customers. When paired with the ASR 6510-M automated material load/unload system, the ZRT Turret Punch Press allows lights out production and delivers scratch-free part processing to ensure our customers’ quality requirements are met.

Features of the ZRT Turret Punch Press

amada EM ZRT turret punch pressThe laser-etched QR ID tool system allows users to track the amount of hits, times sharpened and remaining life of each punch and die used in the turret punch press. Each tool is scanned when it is put in the storage area, so it’s ready to be used – even in the middle of a program. Tools can be arranged based on their ID. This allows for greater customization, reduced set-up errors, and less lag time when different tools must be exchanged. Because all of this information is being tracked, it can be easily accessed off line for better process management.

In addition to that, the ZRT Turret Punch Press features:

  • Four tapping stations with automatic tap replacement
    and broken tap detection systems
  • An automatic tool loader for increased productivity and maximum machine utilization
  • Large brush table and die lift stations for scratch-free processing
  • A dual servo drive that greatly eliminates maintenance and energy costs
  • Large tool storage – up to 300 tool storage capacity

What Does this Mean for EVS Metal’s Fabrication Customers?

What all of this means is that we will be able to produce more with less setup cost, in smaller lot sizes, which will allow EVS to continue to offer competitive pricing at the quality our customers expect. We stand by every part we make, and we know that the only way to have the best product is to have the right tools at our disposal.

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