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EVS Metal Invests in EC-400 Horizontal CNC Machining Center for Texas Fabrication Facility

In early July, EVS Metal’s Austin, Texas metal fabrication facility will take delivery of one of the most advanced horizontal milling centers (HMCs) on the market: the Haas EC-400 with pallet pool. Haas recently redesigned the EC-400 from the ground up to maximize its ability to easily handle automated, high-volume, part-complete CNC machining while running completely unattended. These changes include:

  • All-new castings for increased rigidity and better cutting performance
  • Five additional inches of Y-axis travel that now allow the spindle centerline to rise 27.13″ (689 mm) above the surface of the pallet
  • Greatly improved chip evacuation via a wider belt-type conveyor positioned in the center of the machine, directly under the spindle.

Haas’ 40-taper pallet-changing EC-400 HMCs incorporate many other useful features, such as:

  • Large work envelopes
  • 1400 ipm rapids
  • 4th-axis pallet indexing
  • Increased axis travels
  • Cycloidal rotary drives
  • Stepped bases and columns
  • Advanced coolant ring
  • Hydraulic pallet-clamping system
  • Automatic probe riser

In order to take full advantage of the EC-400s capabilities, EVS choose to outfit their new CNC machining station with several of the most high-tech options available:

  • Ultra-high-speed 15,000 RPM spindle with high-pressure, through-spindle coolant 
  • 100+1 tool side-mount tool changer
  •  Six station pallet pool

“With this new leap in technology, it’s almost difficult to know where to start when talking about the advantages of the EC-400 — it’s just that good,” says Robert Evans, EVS Metal VP, and GM of the Texas location. “But most importantly, it allows us to accomplish unattended, part-complete machining, with the ability to reduce cycle times while providing higher-quality finishes on parts.”  

This latest machine acquisition is just one of several substantial capital investments EVS Metal has made over the past 18 months, including a second Amada EM 3612 ZRT turret punch press and a Direct Color Systems 7200z direct-to-substrate inkjet printer for EVS New Jersey, and an ENSIS-Series 3015 3KW fiber laser for EVS Texas. All of these purchases serve to demonstrate EVS’s commitment to ensuring their metal fabrication facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology available with which to serve their customers.

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