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Our Newest Amada Metal Cutting Laser Arrives in Texas

Our newest machine has been installed at EVS’s precision metal fabrication facility in Pflugerville (Austin), Texas!  

Introducing our latest addition: the ENSIS-Series 3015 3KW fiber laser. This Amada laser cutter is identical to the one we installed at our New Jersey metal fabrication location last year. The purchase of this laser for EVS Texas highlights one of many major machine upgrades the company has completed over the last few years, as well as demonstrating dedication to industry leadership via investment in the latest and best fabrication technology.

A Second ENSIS 3015 for Laser Cutting? Why?

The decision to purchase a second ENSIS 3015 was made for several reasons. First is that it has proved to be every bit as fast as we had expected (4x faster than a CO2 laser), while still able to cut material in an enormous range of thicknesses with incredible accuracy. This laser also features two innovations that have made an incredible difference in process automation, and therefore, order processing time — automatic nozzle changing and cut process monitoring. This allows us to save time and cut costs, helping us keep prices down for customers as well as expedite finished product.

What Are the Other Advantages of the Amada ENSIS Laser Cutting Station?

  • Lower operating costs due to the lack of spatial cavity in the oscillator, leading to more efficient processing
  • Expanded capabilities that allow cutting of multiple metals including copper, brass and titanium
  • Lower long-term maintenance due to the integration of a mirrorless laser source
  • Decreased environmental impact due to the smaller, more efficient chiller;  3-4x more efficient than comparable CO2 lasers; solid-state technology does not require gas to generate the laser beams
  • State-of-the-art technology includes a 3i control with graphical interface and helical rack and pinion drive system for higher acceleration and rapid traverse speeds

Check out the following photos of the Amada ENSIS fiber laser being installed at our Texas metal fabrication facility!

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