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Second Amada EM 3612 ZRT Turret Punch Press Arrives at EVS Metal NJ

Installation of EVS Metal's Second Amada EM ZRT Turret Punch Press

Five years ago, EVS Metal was one of the very first fabricators in the country to take delivery of an Amada EM 3612 ZRT turret punch press. The machine has proved so efficient and effective that this month, our New Jersey metal fab facility took delivery of its second EM 3612 ZRT. This punch press has proven to be one of the most amazing machines on our shop floor, especially as it pertains to automation.

Why Automation in Metal Fabrication Matters

Automation is one of the key concepts we’ve integrated into our metal fabrication operations across all four of our facilities. Why? Because it helps us serve our clients to the very best of our ability, keeping lead times as short as we can, while maintaining our stringent quality standards and ensuring time to market is as fast as possible. Automation also creates efficiencies that allow us to keep our costs down to the best of our abilities, even during uncertain times, which we are then able to pass on to our customers.

But why a second EM 3612 ZRT?

amada em zrt turret punch press

Really, it’s just that good. The EM ZRT punch press is simply unmatched in terms of its ability to automate metal fabrication processes. With its dual servo drive, die lift stations and automatic tool loader, we are able to keep our productivity high, with almost no maintenance costs. There are also a number of other features that make this Amada punch press a best-in-class solution:

  • Laser-etched QR ID tool system that allows our operators to track the number of hits, times sharpened, and remaining life of each punch and die. 
  • Four tapping stations with automatic tap replacement and broken tap detection systems
  • Large brush table for scratch-free part processing
  • 300 tool storage capacity

In an environment where market-driven demands include shorter lead times, just-in-time manufacturing and delivery, as well as tighter tolerances, the Amada EM 3612 ZRT stands out. Simply put, the automation made possible with this machine allows EVS Metal to continue to deliver the best customer experience, at the lowest possible cost, making it well worth the investment.  

About EVS Metal

EVS Metal is an American precision metal fabricator headquartered in Riverdale, NJ. We serve a diverse customer base across North America, providing a range of services from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production runs. Our machinists and operators utilize the latest technology to cut, bend and finish stand-alone items as well as parts for integration or assembly into more complex products. 

Our four ISO 9001:2015-certified locations in NJ, TX, PA and NH comprise over 250,000 square feet of vertically-integrated manufacturing space and feature the most modern equipment available, from lasers and CNC machining centers to automated powder coating lines. Online quotes are available via our website, or by calling 1-888-9EVS-MET.

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