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EVS Metal Acquires Direct-to-Substrate Printer for New Jersey Fabrication Facility

Direct Colors Systems Direct-to-Substrate UV Inkjet Printer for Metal Fabrication

As a precision sheet metal fabricator, most new machine acquisitions tend to be those that can cut or otherwise form different types of metal, whether stainless steel or aluminum. However, every so often, a metal finishing technology comes along that’s simply too compelling to not invest in it.

This is exactly what happened recently when we had the chance to experience the Direct Color Systems 7200z direct-to-substrate inkjet printer for ourselves. And now, we are pleased to announce the installation of the same machine at our New Jersey metal fab facility. 

Why Choose Direct-to-Substrate / Print-on-Metal Technology?

“There are many reasons why we chose to purchase the DCS 7200z,” says EVS Vice President and Co-Founder Joe Amico, “but the most important one is that it has allowed our metal finishing specialists to move complex, high-volume jobs out of the silkscreening department.” This is incredibly important as silkscreening is not an ideal finishing process for certain types of metal products. First of all, the results achieved from silkscreened metal are rarely as consistent or repeatable as many customers require. Second, silkscreened metal must be cured in an oven post-silkscreening as a secondary finishing process, adding to order lead times. Third, customization of color/exact color matching is nearly impossible when using a silkscreening process. 

What it comes down to is that silkscreening does the job of “printing” on metal for many projects quite well; however, direct-to-substrate printers allow for much greater precision and speed; two factors that often outweigh any others for our customers. EVS Metal’s New Jersey engineering manager Nathan Lee agrees. “Our new DCS 7200z UV inkjet printer eliminates all of the issues mentioned previously while decreasing production and handling time, ultimately giving our finishing department greater flexibility via its advanced functionality. This means we are able to meet our customers’ expectations on time, every time, with the quality and service they’ve come to expect from EVS.”

Considering direct-to-substrate, print-on-metal technology for your next fabrication project? Send us a message, request a quote, or call 1-888-9EVSMET.

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