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EVS Metal Fabrication Facility Spotlight: Pflugerville (Austin), Texas

metal fabrication at EVS Metal's Austin (Pflugerville), TX facility

EVS’ metal fabrication headquarters may be in New Jersey, but we are fortunate to have three other large metal fabrication and manufacturing facilities across the United States, including Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Texas. Our Texas facility is where we are shining our spotlight today.

CNC Machining in Texas

Conveniently located in Pflugerville, just outside of Austin, EVS TX comprises 43,000 square feet of modern, climate-controlled manufacturing space. One of our Texas metal fabrication facility’s greatest features is its incredible CNC machining capabilities, including some of the most modern CNC mills available.  

EVS Texas is managed by Robert Evans, our VP of Manufacturing, who has been in the manufacturing and fabrication industry for close to 30 years. Bob played a huge part in getting EVS-TX up and running when it was first established in 2000, and his wealth of knowledge continues to shape the inner workings of the facility to this day.  

Our location in Texas was chosen based on its relative proximity to many of the major cities in the state so that we could more easily serve as large a metal fabrication customer base as possible. In fact, we are capable of serving every major metropolitan area in the great state of Texas, including Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio. It also gave us an important presence in the South, and because of this, was an ideal choice for our expansion out of the Mid-Atlantic.

ITAR-Registered Texas Metal Fabricator 

Our Austin/Pflugerville location is our International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)-registered facility. This is an important designation, as it means we are cleared to submit bids and subsequently supply finished defense articles for the United States Government and its authorized subcontractors when selected for a job.

Our Texas metal fabrication facility has a number of capabilities and specializations. These include:

  • Low-to-high quantity production
  • Precision CNC machining: 48″x20″x20″ ½ ton capacity
  • Design and engineering assistance
  • #8 polished “mirror” stainless steel finishing capabilities
  • Complex value-added mechanical assembly
  • Complex welded enclosures and frames
  • Box builds including drop shipments to end customers
  • In-house automated powder coat line
  • Fully automated punching
  • Logistics management, including a fleet of EVS-owned vehicles which are able to deliver to customers within a 200-mile radius of Pflugerville

We are constantly adding to our capabilities and our stable of high-tech fabrication machines at EVS-Texas. In fact, in 2018 alone we invested more than $1,000,000 in capital equipment, so stay tuned for additional updates!

Interested in learning more about EVS’s CNC machining capabilities in Austin, TX? Get an online quote, or call 1-888-9EVSMet.

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