EVS Metal works with customers throughout the United States and worldwide in Canada, China, Thailand, Europe and Mexico to deliver quality, cost-effective logistics solutions. Our expertise in handling shipments locally and globally ensures product is delivered on time and undamaged.

Delivery by EVS Truck

EVS maintains a fleet of vehicles including a 56′ tractor-trailer, 24′ box trucks and cargo vans to handle delivery of product within a 300-mile radius of our facilities. Delivery by our vehicles and employees allows parts to arrive when our clients need them, and with a minimum of packaging waste. Bus runs are also available to satisfy daily requirements.

Delivery by Common Carrier

EVS Metal maintains excellent relationships with a number of regional and national carriers in order to provide economical shipping options outside of the reach of our trucks. Solutions include both next-day delivery and scheduled delivery of warehoused items.


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Overseas Shipments

EVS has many years of experience in shipping product overseas. Our relationships with carriers and experience with damage-resistant packagings ensure our customers’ international shipments arrive safely and on time.

Managed Inventory

With contract orders, EVS Metal can manage client inventory by controlling production to meet the required volume, even when there is fluctuating demand. This can be done through kanban programs or electronic requirement sharing. EVS can download customers’ MRP requirements and adjust both production and the supply chain to minimize inventory exposure. EVS is also proficient at managing consigned inventory on the customer’s premises or in third-party warehouses.

EVS can easily handle the final packaging and shipment to clients’ end customers via electronic communication and with minimal client involvement. By sharing projections we manage the supply of parts and work to replenish an agreed-upon inventory level.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

In order to accurately monitor and control inventory, EVS Metal utilizes an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system by MIE SolutionsMIE Trak Pro software. For more than two decades, MIETrack has provided our precision sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing business with an excellent “all-in-one” solution. Our ERP software helps streamline the entire manufacturing business process from RFQ through product delivery. It also offers a window into any area of the company via the transmission of data, from inventory levels to timesheets. This means less manual inputting and tracking, leaving more time for business development and customer engagement, and ultimately results in cost savings for both EVS and our clients. 

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