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How do I find a quality sheet metal fabricator near me?

Tips for finding a "metal fabricator near me."

The most common online search queries for sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining are local. So local, in fact, that they usually involve the phrase “metal fabricator near me,” “machine shop near me” or some other close variation. And this makes sense up to a point. There are always situations where finding a metal fab shop close to home is the best way to go. However, this isn’t always the case, and whether or not it is the right choice depends quite a bit on the type of fabricated metal products to be produced. 

What type of metal fabricator is right for your business needs?

For custom precision sheet metal fabrication jobs that are one-off pieces — not prototypes for larger runs, but single items, which are often architectural in nature — finding a metal fabricator that’s in the neighborhood may be a perfect choice. These small shops are often family-run and offer excellent craftsmanship that is usually both artistic and creative. They tend to specialize in handmade and unique sculptural metalwork. 

But companies that wish to produce either short runs of multiple pieces for assembly into larger products, or prototypes of entirely new pieces that will eventually require longer runs, may find it much less necessary to find a metal fabrication shop that is hyper-local. For example, search results that include “near me” usually show only those fab shops within a 10-to-15-mile radius of wherever the search is being performed. This means most of what shows up will be small companies that do not have the capabilities or resources required to design, engineer, fabricate, finish, assemble and deliver complex fabricated sheet metal products with high levels of quality and consistency in a repeatable fashion. 

Right-sized metal fabrication: Finding the perfect fit

Ideally, companies with low-mix, high volume production, or high-mix, low volume requirements — essentially most types of metal fab projects outside of custom/handmade metalwork —  are best served by finding a sheet metal fabricator with multiple locations that can deliver the personal attention of a neighborhood job shop, but with the capabilities of a major stainless steel and aluminum fabricator. This is why EVS Metal chose the path of “smart expansion” over the past 25+ years; it allowed us to create regional facilities that can serve both local and national customers alike with the same level of service. 

EVS Metal: Regional metal fabrication at its best

While each of EVS’s metal fabrication facilities has its own “personality” and even some specializations — such as ITAR-registration in TX — all are ISO 9001:2015 certified and set up to work together as needed, whether a customer needs laser tube cutting, powder coat finishing or precision CNC machining via high-tech, automated vertical and horizontal mills. This means if a customer in New York requires the production of a very large fabricated metal item in small quantities, but with high levels of precision, they have access to four different facilities’ capabilities (NJ, NH, TX and PA) that, alone or in combination, will be able to identify the most time-sensitive, cost-effective solution for their needs. We even operate a fleet of company-owned vehicles that allows us to deliver products and parts to end customers anywhere within a 300-mile radius of our four metal fabrication facilities in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas and Pennsylvania. 

Still looking for a metal fabricator near you? 

We invite you to look no further. Whether your company is located in New England, the South, or the Midwest, EVS Metal’s four precision sheet metal fabrication facilities and CNC machine shops are here to help. We serve a diverse customer base across North America, providing a range of services from ITAR-compliant, quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production runs. Request a personalized metal fabrication quote online or call 1-888-9EVSMET to speak with a specialist today.

EVS Metal is an American precision metal fabricator headquartered in Riverdale, NJ. Our machinists and operators utilize the latest technology to cut, bend and finish stand-alone items as well as parts for integration or assembly into more complex products. EVS Metal’s four ISO 9001:2015-certified locations comprise over 250,000 square feet of vertically integrated manufacturing space and feature the most modern equipment available, from lasers and CNC machining centers to automated powder coating lines.

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