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Jim EVS Metal Sales EngineerEVS Metal is fortunate to attract some of the best and most accomplished individuals in the metalworking industry; our outstanding staff is truly our most important asset.  However, it is understandably difficult for customers to get a feel for the level of dedication our team brings to work every day without reading it in their own words. Therefore, we are pleased to publish another installation in our ongoing series of spotlight articles highlighting employees and their departments in order to help fully illustrate both EVS’ capabilities as a manufacturer and metal fabricator, and the value our people bring to the table each and every day.

This week, we are spotlighting Jim, Sales Engineer at our Pennsylvania facility.


Spotlight on Sales Engineering: Q&A with Jim, SE, EVS Metal Pennsylvania


EVS Metal: How did you become interested in a career in the metal fabrication industry?

Jim: I started with a temp agency. Luckily, I liked what I was doing, and was brought on full time after 2 months.


EVS: What has your career trajectory looked like? Did you have any specific jobs or departments in mind after you realized that you enjoyed metal fabrication and wanted to make it your career?

Jim: I started as a spray painter, and liked the different challenges I faced each day with the variety of parts coming through the department. This was all hands-on experience, by the way. I didn’t have any formal training when I started! I learned everything on the job.

My next position was as a production supervisor for the painting, shipping masking, silk screening, and assembly depts. I held this position for 12 years and my knowledge of different areas grew exponentially over that period. I was also given an opportunity for supervisory training, along with advanced Excel classes and forklift certification.

My ultimate goal was to move into sales, where I have been for over 20 years. I was actually with the same company for 33 years before deciding to move on to EVS, where I’ve been for 2 years now.


EVS: Are there any special processes available at EVS that are fairly unique for the industry or are of special interest to EVS’ customers or a potential customer?

Jim: EVS does an incredible job at maintaining truly “state of the art” facilities. This is a major attraction to customers. With more efficient and quicker machinery, we are able to consistently provide shorter lead times and lower pricing.

Some of the more interesting machines and processes we have include our robot press brakes and punch presses, and a sophisticated ERP [MIE Trak Pro] that is integrated with a quoting program that allows us to turn quotes around very efficiently. This is something customers who need a part turned around quickly appreciate, in particular.


EVS: What does a typical day at EVS look like for you?

Jim: I’m on the road a lot, visiting current and potential customers. However, when I’m not, I spend most of my day tracking current leads, quoting new opportunities, and documenting my progress.


Want to learn more about Jim and our sales engineering process? Come back next week for part two!


About EVS Metal

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