ITAR Basics for Manufacturers

ITAR Registration LogoEVS Metal has two International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)-registered metal fabrication and manufacturing facilities: Pflugerville (Austin), Texas; and Keene, New Hampshire. ITAR registration is required by the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) for all of its contracted manufacturers, exporters and brokers. As a registered manufacturer, this means that EVS has been given federal clearance to submit bids and subsequently supply finished defense articles for the United States Government and its authorized subcontractors.

ITAR: The Basics

ITAR is a United States-specific set of regulations that control the way military (defense) and space-related (NASA)-related products and services are made, sold and distributed. Products and services that meet ITAR regulations are added to the United States Munitions List (USML).
These can range from actual defense-related goods such as missiles and aircraft, to specific “technical data” — documentation that can include design plans like blueprints and diagrams.

A critical element of ITAR is that only U.S. citizens are able to access the goods and services listed on the USML. This makes sense as many of the technologies included on the list would be considered sensitive items, given that they are intended for military/defense purposes. So while the concept of ITAR is fairly straightforward — limiting access to those most likely to use the USML to purchase data and technology and use it in the best interest of the United States — living by ITAR regulations can be challenging for manufacturers. This is why not every fabricator is ITAR-registered; the due diligence required can be painstaking.

ITAR in Practice

If an item is to be listed on the USML, it means that not only is the company listing it ITAR registered, but their entire supply chain is as well. So while this may not be terribly complicated for a company that has fabricated and manufactured an entire product from start to finish, and has no suppliers of various parts to vet, most companies have to put a lot more work into verifying each piece that goes into their USML-listed products. For instance, if Boeing were to sell a fighter jet to the U.S. government, they would have to verify that every single part of that jet was manufactured by another ITAR-registered company, and all of those companies would need to vet their own suppliers, and so on. This can result in 5 or 6 layers of verification — sometimes more. And if just a single company in a chain of what may end up being 50 or more suppliers is found to have violated an ITAR regulation, then Boeing could be fined by the U.S. government.

More About ITAR

Curious about other aspects of ITAR regulation? Come back next week when we’ll follow up with part two on our blog.

About EVS Metal

EVS Metal is an American precision metal fabricator headquartered in Riverdale, NJ. Our machinists and operators utilize the latest technology to cut, bend and finish stand-alone items as well as parts for integration or assembly into more complex products. EVS Metal’s four ISO 9001:2015-certified locations comprise over 250,000 square feet of vertically-integrated manufacturing space and feature the most modern equipment available, from lasers and CNC machining centers to automated powder coating lines.

We serve a diverse customer base across North America, providing a range of services from ITAR-compliant, quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production runs. Request a personalized metal fabrication quote online or call (973) 839-4432 to speak with a specialist today

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