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Fabricating Sheet Metal Products for the Solar Energy Industry

A new study from the World Energy Council (WEC) predicts that growth in the solar energy industry will continue at an unprecedented rate in the coming year.  Solar power can serve a range of different needs, generating power not just for the electrical grid, but also to field locations where no utility power is readily available; it is incredibly useful for work sites in areas where running power lines would be too expensive to justify the cost. Solar generators, while certainly an investment, when correctly configured and deployed generally operate smoothly and efficiently for many years.

Solar power is also beginning to find homes on corporate campuses and in private homes. Although it generates only a little over 1% of all grid electricity in the U.S. at this time, the WEC reports that this number is expected to rise rapidly through 2060.  In fact, growth in this sector is so strong that by 2015, solar employment had overtaken oil, gas and even coal in the United States. This growth means that investment in solar research and technologies is at an all-time high, and as such, the manufacturing industry has had to keep pace with the rate of change and expansion, in particular precision metal fabricators like EVS Metal.

Because EVS is a high-mix, low volume fabricator, we have the capabilities to fabricate parts for high-quality custom solar power systems, from prototypes to full production runs. Our onsite designers, engineers, highly-trained operators and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to build complex metal solutions for nearly any requirement. Of particular note are our Amada laser cutting machines, which were specifically designed to create precise cuts in almost any kind of metal, in a truly incredible range of thicknesses.  These machines are particularly suited for laser tube cutting; a need that is of special importance to the solar industry.  As a vertically-integrated metal fabricator, we are uniquely positioned to be able to control every phase of production, helping to reduce costs, reduce errors and streamline communication while doing everything in our power to meet our clients’ precise requirements.

While the generation of electric power via solar systems is at this point quite low, at least in terms of total output compared to other sources, the opportunity in this industry is clearly massive. This means that demand for complex metal fabrications for the solar industry will only continue to increase.  That’s why EVS Metal has invested in the tools, machines and training required to partner with the solar industry to ensure its successful continued expansion.

EVS Metal is an American precision metal fabricator headquartered in Riverdale, NJ. Our machinists and operators utilize the latest technology to cut, bend and finish stand-alone items as well as parts for integration or assembly into more complex products. Our four ISO 9001:2015-certified locations comprise over 250,000 square feet of vertically-integrated manufacturing space and feature the most modern equipment available, from lasers and CNC machining centers to automated powder coating lines. We serve a diverse customer base across North America, providing a range of services from ITAR-compliant, quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production runs. Request a personalized metal fabrication quote online, or call (973) 839-4432 to speak with a specialist today.

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