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What are the advantages of lasers for metal tube cutting?

Amada FOM2 Tube Cutting LaserThis past February, our Keene, New Hampshire fabrication facility acquired an Amada Laser Cutting System with Rotary Index (FOM2 3015 NT RI). This is one of the most technologically advanced machines we operate at EVS Metal, and we had high expectations for its capabilities, especially as related to laser tube cutting.

We were not disappointed.

With its high levels of accuracy, we are now able to quickly produce a significantly wider variety of cuts, including tubing cuts, due to the power and speed of the system’s rotary index. Though the machine is located in New England, we fabricate and ship product from the NH facility to almost anywhere in North America, whether to the end-user, or to one of EVS’ other three metal fabrication shops across the country, including our locations in Texas and New Jersey, for incorporation into more complex products.

Demand for Laser Tube Cutting Continues to Grow 

There are several factors impacting demand, but the most important is that tubes are everywhere. Even in places where we don’t necessarily think of tubes as playing much of a role in terms of design or engineering. While tubing is often thought of as just traditional “pipe,” as in something that carries a fluid or gas from one area to another, precision-cut tubing can also function as an integral support or frame for certain products. Laser-cut tubes are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of different applications.

The inherent adaptability and cost-effectiveness of tubing in all of its various forms and functions also means that it must be cut extremely precisely in order to meet all of these needs.  This is far from a one-size-fits-all category of parts.  While many different machines have been able to make precise cuts for decades now, most are still not able to offer the type of precision and flexibility required to adequately cut a variety of different tubing.

Laser Tube Cutting Machines: The New Metal Fabrication Industry Standard

This is why laser tube cutting machines have become the industry standard and why we invested in our Amada Laser Cutting System. With its capabilities, our operators can specify complex laser tube cuts — from rectangular to round to square — on a number of different materials, while still reducing secondary fabrication processes like precision saw cutting and CNC machining after welding. The laser is so incredibly accurate that mitering, notching and self-fixturing details can all be done on the same machine, even allowing assemblies to be welded using notches that make the parts self-fixturing. This reduction in manual secondary fabrication processes reduces downtime and ultimately, costs, which we can then pass down to our customers.

EVS Metal’s four American facilities can provide fabrication services including laser tube cutting in New Hampshire for delivery across North America. Find out how we can help make your precision sheet metal fabrication project a success by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432 today.

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