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Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication: 2021 Guide

Powder Coating for Metal FabricationPowder coating is a metal finishing process that involves the application of dry, free-flowing, colored powder to a fabricated part or product via electrostatic means. The coated metal then undergoes heat curing to harden it.

Powder Coating Basics

EVS Metal utilizes both conventional liquid paint and powder coating for metal finishing. The primary difference between the two is that powder coating does not require a solvent since it is applied via electrostatic means. Once sprayed, the product is simply cured under heat to form the solid “skin” coating, rather than having to wait to dry.

The two most common types of powder coating are thermosetting and thermoplastic, and both utilize an array of common polymers including polyester, polyurethane, polyester-epoxy, straight epoxy and acrylics.

Benefits of a Powder Coat

  • No liquid carrier makes it easier to produce thick, even coatings
  • Minimal appearance differences between horizontally- and vertically-coated surfaces
  • Next to no VOCs emitted; environmentally friendly
  • Often easier to create specialized design finishes
  • Provides a tougher, harder finish than conventional paint and a higher level of durability/resistance to corrosion, tarnishing, chemicals and general wear
  • Enables electrical conductivity/resistance
  • Greater reflectivity, torque tolerance and solderability

Powder Coating Services from EVS Metal

Unlike most sheet metal fabricators, EVS Metal has powder coat lines in New Jersey, Texas, and New Hampshire — three of our four facilities.  This ability to finish products onsite is an important factor to consider when choosing a fabrication company as it often leads to better quality control, lower costs and shorter lead times.

Our three powder coating facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment, including Nordson spray booths with six-gun reciprocating automation, monorail conveyor systems, gas-heated water dryer/powder bake ovens and silk screening stations. In addition to our in-house services, we have worked hard to facilitate excellent working relationships with several certified local sources for any additional finishing needs our customers may require, including plating and anodizing, which allows us to ensure quality and consistency through project completion.

Find out how EVS’s sheet metal fabrication and finishing experts can assist your company with its powder coating needs by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432.

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