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China vs United States Trade War Illustration with Pointing Fingers

It’s been a busy few weeks in the metal fabrication and manufacturing industries. This week, we’re briefly recapping some of the most important news of the recent cycles.

U.S Trade War with China Escalates

Just when we thought the trade war was starting to resolve itself, tensions rose again. On May 10th, tariffs on Chinese imports rose from 10% to 25% at the behest of President Trump. As expected, China then enacted its own, retaliatory tariffs on U.S.-made products, due to take effect on June 1st. Tariffs affect many different areas of the U.S. economy, including automotive, agriculture, and electronics, not to mention steel and aluminum fabricators and manufacturers.

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U.S. Oil Production Revenue is Booming

Even though oil and gas prices remain low, U.S. oil producers are still profiting in a big way. In fact, recent reports show that 2018 was their best year since 2013, with net income of $28 billion.

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Machine Learning, Big Data, and the Future of Metal Fabrication

The Fabricator’s Tim Heston did an excellent job covering some of the challenges and potential benefits artificial intelligence may provide for the metal fabrication industry in a recent article. In it, he details how cloud computing, machine learning, and automation can all work together to create efficiencies for fabricators, but not without figuring out a way around a number of hurdles likely to get in the way, first. Read the article in its entirety @

Igniting a Passion for Welding

In another great blog for his series “Still Building America” for The Fabricator, welder Josh Welton interviews Jennifer Harrell about her experience as a woman working in the male-dominated field of metal fabrication, specifically, welding. Ms Harrell began her welding career at the age of 19, and has been in the industry for more than 20 years, specifically as a precision TIG welder of thin-gauge materials. You can read more about her here @

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