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Metal Fabrication Fun Facts: Part One

Article Revised July 31st, 2022

Metal fabrication has existed for centuries in one form or another, even millennia depending on the definition being used. It has an incredible history, and there are plenty of intriguing stories available if you really want to dig deep. While it’s easy for us fabricators to get excited about just about every aspect of metal fabrication, your average person on the street may not feel the same way though, so that’s why we’ve curated a list of some of the most fascinating fabrication facts out there for you to share with all your non-fabricator friends.  


Metal Fabrication Facts: The Basics

  1. The global metal fabrication industry is forecasted to be worth just over $21 billion by 2024.
  2. “Metal Fabrication” can mean a number of different position titles and job responsibilities. This may include cutting, punching, and press machine setters and operators; first-line supervisors; managers; machinists; team assemblers; welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers.
  3. As of 2018, the US. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that there are almost 1.5 million workers employed in metal fabrication in jobs like the above. The most common job is a machinist.
  4. Machine shops make up the largest part of the metal fabrication market in the U.S. The second largest market is for structural steel fabrication.
  5. Welding holds the largest financial share of metal fabrication specialties in the market, with the fasted forecasted growth. It comprises about 43% of the market in terms of revenues.


Metal Fabrication Facts: The Fun Stuff

  1. A huge chunk of what most of us use each day, from cell phones and laptops to cars and cutlery, was manufactured using metal fabrication processes. In fact, it’s estimated that the number is more than 50%.
  2. Metal fabrication can save trees! Why? A frame for a 2000 square foot house can be built using just the recycled steel from four cars. To frame a house the same size in wood, it would require material from 40 trees!
  3. Archeologists believe that welding in some form goes back to 3,500 B.C., and there are images of early welding tools in ancient Egyptian tombs.
  4. One of Leonardo da Vinci’s many amazing sketches featured an outline of the first known metal fabrication machine — a rolling mill.
  5. The first attempt at welding in space occurred back in 1969 by Russian Cosmonauts.


But wait, there’s more! Come back next week, and you’ll have a chance to read additional fun facts about metal fabrication.


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