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Stainless Steel Fabrications: An Investment in Long-Term Value

stainless steel value investmentIt’s not uncommon for buyers to shy away from stainless steel fabrications at first; after all, when compared with other materials, the initial investment can seem high. However, stainless steel provides value over its lifecycle that is simply unmatched.

What are the advantages of fabricating with stainless steel?

Let’s start with the material itself.

  • Stainless steel is 100% recyclable; in fact, approximately 50% of stainless steel is manufactured from stainless steel scraps, which helps reduce waste
  • It’s corrosion resistant, due to high levels of chromium in stainless steel alloy
  • It’s resistant to chemical damage
  • It’s “self-healing”: the high levels of chromium in most alloys create an invisible “film” on stainless steel’s surface so that when exposed to even the smallest amount of oxygen, it can reverse many types of damage, all on its own
  • It’s heat resistant (especially when the alloy is also high in nickel) making it an ideal metal for applications that involve high heat exchange, including boilers and valves
  • Stainless steel is available in high-strength duplex grades that allow items to be fabricated out of reduced thicknesses, making its strength-to-weight ratio excellent
  • Many of the high-strength grades of stainless steel are also incredibly impact resistant
  • With modern equipment, stainless steel provides a reliable and easy-to-work-with base for machinist and other operators
  • Stainless steel is low-maintenance compared with other materials

What are common applications for stainless steel?

Because it’s easy to work with, stainless steel can be cut, pressed, rolled, stamped or formed into any number of configurations for a wide variety of uses. It’s often initially made into plates, sheets, bars, tubing or wire. From there, the range of applications is virtually endless. Stainless steel is especially well-suited for items used in environments where hygiene is a primary focus, such as kitchens and hospitals due to how easily it can be cleaned. From kitchen appliances and cookware, to industrial equipment and skyscrapers, stainless steel can be found just about anywhere.

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