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Printed Sheet Metal That’s as Thin as a Newspaper?

newspaper thin printed sheet metal“Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new manufacturing technique that uses a process similar to newspaper printing to form smoother and more flexible metals for making ultrafast electronic devices.

“The low-cost process combines tools that metal manufacturing already uses on a large scale, but uses the speed and precision of roll-to-roll newspaper printing to remove a couple of fabrication barriers in making electronics faster than they are today.

“Cellphones, laptops, tablets, and many other electronics rely on their internal metallic circuits to process information at high speed. Current metal fabrication techniques tend to make these circuits by getting a thin rain of liquid metal drops to pass through a stencil mask in the shape of a circuit, kind of like spraying graffiti on walls.”

Read more about this new fabrication technique that can create printed sheet metal as thin as newspaper at

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