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EVS Helps Family of Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goooooooooal! with New Mini-Soccer Field Product

cano cage 2EVS Metal’s Texas fabrication facility was recently able to play a part in the production of a family’s dream of creating mini-outdoor soccer fields for home or commercial use. The product, called the Caño Cage™, is the brainchild of Jess Sports‘ founders, Nicole and Steve Welch, parents of four very active kids, who wanted to find a solution to help their soccer-loving family train more effectively via 1 on 1 play. 

Jess Sports came to EVS Metal for the fabrication and powder coating of the soccer cage’s metal posts and goals.  “The Caño Cage presented an interesting opportunity for us,” said EVS-TX GM, Robert Evans. “We don’t often have the chance to work on a project that will be used in such a unique way — and almost never for kids! We were incredibly pleased with the results and are excited to see where the Jess Sports team takes it from here.”

The Jess Sports team believes that sports are “the best way to get kids and adults up and off the couch to develop their minds and bodies.” The Caño Cage certainly appears to do exactly that. With three sizes available and only 2-4 hours required to assemble the smallest field, it is a mini-soccer solution suitable for almost any need, including gameplay of up to 3v3. 

Check out these photos of the Caño Cage in action!

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