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2018 Metal Fabrication Industry Outlook

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The Fabricator recently published an industry outlook for metal fabrication in 2018. Here are some of the highlights: 2018 metal fabrication industry outlook

The Conference Board is expecting U.S. GDP to expand by about 2.5 percent next year, while capital spending will jump to 4.7 percent. Economic expansion has been going on so long that many are asking when the next downturn will be. That said, some of the industry’s largest fabricators aren’t expecting a downturn next year.

The construction sector is on a tear for some shops, while the oil and gas sector is showing signs of life…The lawn and garden sector is holding steady, and agriculture is finally making a rebound after several years of mediocrity, particularly for large farm machinery. Related markets are hitting their stride, too, including the recreation market.

As Bloomberg BusinessWeek put it in early November, 2018 may well meet high expectations “unless someone does something stupid.” The implied “someone” is, of course, the government. Foreign conflict or unintended consequences of new laws and regulations could throw a humming U.S. economy off track.

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