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Metal Fabrication for the Oil and Gas Industries

Oil and Gas RigThe oil and gas boom that began in the first part of the 2010s has meant big changes in the U.S. economy, in particular areas of the Gulf Coast. However, for all of the advantages an upswing of this magnitude can have, it has also created an incredible amount of pressure on the underlying oil and gas infrastructure, meaning a greater need for fabricated metal products. Products used in this industry are already subjected to some of the most severe environmental conditions known, meaning they must be replaced more frequently than parts used in other energy sectors. This more rapid turnover of equipment, in combination with increased market demands brought forth by the boom, began to strain an already stressed system even further, ultimately affecting the entire oil and gas manufacturing supply chain.

Which areas of oil and gas extraction require fabricated metal parts?

This growing demand has created the need for fabricated metal parts in two areas of oil and gas extraction: at the wellsites, and within the transportation pipeline. It’s not just old, outdated or damaged equipment that needs to be replaced, but instead, equipment for accessing and transporting newly discovered reservoirs.  Pipelines and gathering lines must be fabricated and installed in order for the oil or gas to be delivered to refineries. Compression stations and inspection gauges must be put in place to monitor pressure and flow rate and to ensure that materials are being transported without issue. New wellsites have resulted in an increased demand for equipment needed to successfully drill and produce product.

What types of parts and products does EVS Metal fabricate for the petroleum industry?

EVS Metal is aware of the challenges faced by oil and gas companies, and we pride ourselves our ability to meet the complex fabrication needs of the energy sector, from design and engineering, to final delivery to our customers’ worksites. We are able to fabricate most parts from large-scale pipe to complex mechanical items required for the maintenance of drilling equipment.  Whether brake frames, gear housings, hang-off brackets, pump bases or engine radiator mounts are needed, we can manage the process from start to finish, allowing our clients to focus on their day to day work, rather than on the logistics of manufacturing.

EVS Metal’s four American facilities provide metal fabrication services for the oil and gas industry across North America at our four locations in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas and Pennsylvania. Find out how we can help make your precision steel or aluminum fabrication project a success by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432 today.

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