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Not All Press Brakes are Created Equal

pablo-9As a precision metal fabricator, EVS has invested in a wide range of press brakes over the last two decades.  In fact, we have more than 30 of these machines networked together across our four American fabrication facilities in order to accurately store programs and speed set-up of repeat jobs. With so many makes and models available on the market, how did we choose the right press brakes for our needs?  

Choosing a Press Brake: Top Considerations

After nearly 30 years in the metal fabrication industry, we’ve most definitely learned that not all press brakes are created equal. Our primary considerations when purchasing a new press brake are productivity, performance and safety. Most modern press brakes are able to deliver all three, along with incredible efficiency and usability. Features like enhanced optical imaging ensure extremely accurate and consistent part production in terms of producing items within tight tolerances. We personally prefer European-style press brakes which lend themselves to greater accuracy, longer tool life, better flexibility and faster set-up time. In general, we have found that Amada press brakes tend to include the features most important to us, such as the automated tool setup available on their newest machines.

EVS Metal New Jersey: Experts in Complex Forming Processes

Our New Jersey facility is our biggest facility in terms of capabilities and the location of the greatest number of press brakes, including the following, which are some of our newest machines:

  • (2) HG 1003 ARs Press Brakes; 1 with automated bending robotic, plus an automatic tool changer (ATC) and pallet pool
  • Amada HG 8025 NT Press Brake:  Part of Amada’s HG series, the 8025 adapts easily to a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths from 55 to 169.3 inches
  • Amada EG 6013 AR Robotic Bending Cell with automated tool setup: A compact, ultra-high precision, high-speed bending system featuring an advanced dual servo power drive system
  • (2) Amada HD 1303 10′ 143 Ton CNC Press Brake — The HD NT series can handle bend lengths from 101 to 161 inches and features a hybrid drive system that is engineered for high-precision bending repeatability, lower energy consumption, and less maintenance than conventional hydraulic press brakes

Don’t Forget the Dies

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that even the most high-tech press brakes are no good without the proper dies. The most common types of dies are V-dies, but rotary bending dies (cylindrical), 90-degree dies, air-bending dies, return-flanging dies and offset dies are just a few of the many different die types EVS Metal’s skilled operators may utilize in a given day to produce items with the high levels of precision expected by our customers across North America.

EVS Metal provides a range of precision fabrication and manufacturing services to a diverse customer base, from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production runs. Discover how our top-of-the-line forming and bending equipment can add value to your manufacturing supply chain today; simply request a quote online, or give us a call at (973) 839-4432.

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