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The Future of Metal Fabrication is Green

Solar Panel Arrays on Industrial StructureAfter more than 25 years as precision sheet metal fabricator, EVS Metal has seen incredible changes to the industry, but no trend has been clearer than the gradual “greening” of metalworking. Fabrication has always been, by necessity, a fairly dirty business, but changes in best practices (often influenced by ISO 9001) combined with advances in the technology used for metal fabrication processes, has meant that this sector has not gone unaffected by the movement toward a more eco-friendly future. In fact, there is even a term that’s been coined for jobs that utilize greener processes or machines, or that create ecologically-efficient products: “green collar” jobs.

Fiber Lasers: Cleaner, Greener Sheet Metal Fabrication Technology

The addition of our newest machine, the Amada LCG 3015 AJ fiber laser, puts EVS on the forefront of the “green collar” trend. Because this laser utilizes fiber technology instead of the typical CO2, it is able to run on ⅓ of the electricity required by the same wattage CO2 laser system. The LCG 3015 it is also three times more efficient with the electricity it does use. Investing in machines like these is good for EVS as they are more economical and efficient over the long-term, good for our customers because we are able to continue passing on savings to them and good for our planet due to the reduced energy consumption.  

Powered by the Sun

And it’s not just our new fiber laser that’s boosting EVS Metal’s “green” quotient; our New Jersey facility is also home to a 174kw roof-mounted solar panel array, an investment that allows us to “cleanly and greenly” generate a portion of our own electricity needs.  On top of that, EVS’s NJ facility also houses an Amada EM 3612 ZRT turret punch press.  This amazing machine requires 70% less electricity to power than conventional hydraulic turret punches, due to the integration of a high-speed dual servo drive ram that eliminates the need for complex hydraulics and hydraulic oil chilling.

EVS Metal: Fabricators for the Solar Energy Industry

Besides investing in green technology, EVS has been a trusted resource for the fabrication of parts and equipment for the alternative energy industry since its inception.  Because EVS is a high-mix, low volume fabricator, we have the capabilities to design and produce parts for high-quality solar panel mountings and wind turbines, from prototypes to full production runs. Our on-site engineers, operators and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to build complex metal solutions for nearly any requirement. In fact, our wide-range of in-house laser cutting systems — such as the Amada fiber laser mentioned above — are of particular importance when it comes to fabricating parts for the alternative energy sector.  These lasers offer unmatched versatility and precision, making them incredibly useful for cutting a variety of different material thicknesses, even those under ⅛”. A number of these machines are particularly suited for laser tube cutting, a process that is often required for solar and wind energy system fabrications.

As precision metal fabrication experts, EVS Metal prides itself on producing quality components and weldments for renewable energy projects to our customers’ precise standards, guaranteeing that the parts ordered will fit exactly as planned. By providing fully vertically-integrated, end-to-end manufacturing solutions by experts who understand this important industry sector, EVS Metal is able to commit to delivering nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction on every project, every day. Find out how EVS Metal can assist your company with its fabrication needs by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432.

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