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Metal Fabrication, Finishing + Assembly for the Auto Industry

Metal Fabrication for the Auto IndustryIt’s common for customers to come to EVS Metal for a wide range of different project types, because while our capabilities include large production runs, we are also a prime source for low-volume, short-run, custom and prototype parts. In fact, these projects form much of the backbone for our company. Because of his, we are often the first-choice metal fabricator for the auto industry because our clients know that when they have a non-full production run request, that order will not be considered a “second-class citizen” at EVS.

Respect for Every Customer and Order, No Matter the Size

Every item we produce gets the same level of attention and that includes smaller order sizes. We understand that the part we are producing is critical to the company that needs it, whether the request is for a run of 25 or 25,000 pieces. After more than 25 years fabricating steel and aluminum parts for the auto industry, we understand that building and maintaining positive relationships with this important sector is one of the keys to EVS Metal’s success.

Besides low-volume and short-run production parts, we also specialize in:

  • Production fixtures
  • Quick-turnaround prototyping
  • Emergency fabrication services when internal production resources break down or otherwise fail
  • Machining, laser tube cutting, welding, assembly and integration
  • Design and engineering, as well as reverse engineering when required
  • Logistics, from delivery by EVS fleet to overseas shipments

EVS’s dedication to providing only the most efficient and effective solutions ensures that our customers always have the necessary tools to reach their goals. Our trained professionals take great pride in developing products and providing services that set the industry standard for end-to-end automotive manufacturing solutions, no matter how complex the required part may be, and regardless of the vehicle type for which it is intended. From automobiles and semi-trucks/trailers to military vehicles and construction equipment, we stand with our customers every step of the way, providing full-service metal solutions that assist in making their projects a success.

EVS Metal’s four American facilities provide metal fabrication services for the auto industry across North America at our four locations in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Texas and Pennsylvania. Find out how we can help make your precision steel or aluminum fabrication project a success by requesting a personalized quote online, or by calling (973) 839-4432 today.

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