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Operations Management for Metal Fabrication: EVS Texas

EVS Metal is pleased to publish another installation in our ongoing series of spotlight articles highlighting employees and their departments. We hope these help illustrate EVS’ capabilities as a precision steel and aluminum fabricator, and the value our people bring to the table each and every day.  

This week, we’re talking to John, who works out of our Texas metal fab facility

John BinghamQ&A with John, Operations Manager, EVS Metal, Texas

EVS Metal: How did you become interested in a metal fab industry career?

John: In high school, I took as many shop classes as possible and ended up really enjoying working with sheet metal.

EVS: How long have you been with EVS Metal, and how long have you worked in fabrication overall?

John: 19 years at EVS, 44 years overall.

EVS: Describe your career trajectory: how did you start, what was your education or training, and what positions have you held in metal fab?

John: I began my career in metal fabrication in 1979 as a spot welder, and since then I have run Strippit 30-30, press brakes, Strippit CNC punches and Amada CNC punches, as well as learning MIG and TIG welding. I’ve also become proficient with Amada and Strippit CNC programming. Eventually, all of this experience gave me the opportunity to become a production manager, and then finally operations manager with EVS.

EVS: What do you like most about operations management?

John: Having the chance to help find the most efficient and cost-effective ways to get products through the facility.

EVS: What does a typical day at EVS Texas look like for you as an operations manager?

John: I have multiple responsibilities, so it depends on the day. At any given time, I could be handling different aspects of production planning or production control, or working through a QA or QC process with our quality teams. I also process quite a bit of paperwork, manage employee matters, and if there’s a specific job that needs attention — such as expediting — I will get involved with that as well.

EVS: Are there any special processes available at EVS Metal that would be of special interest to EVS’s customers or potential customers?

John: EVS really is a turnkey metal fabrication company; a true “all-in-one” facility. This is a big advantage for our customers.

EVS: Is there anything unique about your facility that sets it apart from the others?

John: We have some incredibly skilled employees here in Texas. That means we can get almost any job done, even very complex projects. 

EVS: How would you describe EVS’ company culture?

John: We are lucky to have an employee base from many different countries which gives us a very diverse, interesting culture.

EVS: What do you look for in potential new employees and applicants?

John: Someone who is willing to put the time in to make sure jobs are done right the first time.

EVS: What has been the most complex challenge you have encountered in your position? 

`John: In my position, I need to be able to communicate with and manage many, many different personalities. Keeping everyone talking and working together is one of my primary responsibilities and can definitely be challenging. 

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