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wearable tech + manufacturing
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From health tracking and physical fitness to the fashion industry and contactless payments, wearable technology has boomed in recent years. Many interesting features have existed for half a decade now, but some fascinating new ones have been introduced; therefore, this technology is expected to be a promising one in the business and enterprise worlds. In fact, wearable “smart” devices even have a place in the manufacturing industry. Seven potential applications within this sector are mentioned below.

1.  Safety Awareness and Related Equipment

In the manufacturing industry, you can use wearables like wristbands, headwear for safety and environmental information to the wearers.

Another subject of concern is prolonged work injuries. Working for long hours in a warehouse or any manufacturing plant could be dangerous for the human body. For instance, standing for long hours can lead to exhaustion and further injuries. One significant example would be BMW’s ”Chairless Chair” which helps employees to convert this wearable into a chair at the push of a button.

2.   Hands-Off Training

The manufacturing industry requires hands-off training for its employees. Therefore employers can use various wearable technology to overcome this age-old procedure and be modern and efficient. Many big firms are investing in it to provide better working conditions for their employees.

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