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The Secret to Creating Great Metal Fabrication RFQs

At EVS Metal, we’re fortunate to have been able to work with some pretty amazing customers for going on 25 years now. However, this doesn’t mean we haven’t had our fair share of growing pains along the way. This also means we’ve been able to learn from whatever issues have cropped up, all of which has served to make our company stronger, more efficient and more productive over time.  

One area in which we’ve learned a lot since starting EVS has been the way in which a solid Request for Quotation (RFQ) from a customer can impact a project.

Remember: RFQs form the underlying structure of the entire project.

Let’s be honest, almost no one loves preparing RFQs. However, rather than viewing it as a necessary evil, it can be helpful to reframe the process in a more positive way. Why? Because RFQs, when done right, are a company’s best chance of ensuring that fabricators or other manufacturers bidding on the project understand the project completely. This means that the winning bid is more likely to be accurate, and that the capabilities of the fabricator are a good match for the job’s requirements. This reduces risk for everyone involved and establishes a good working relationship from the very beginning.

What aspects of an RFQ are most likely to lead to a successful project outcome?

Details are everything, and the more you can include in an RFQ, the better. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be flexible or allow for suggestions that may improve quality or overall cost. But giving fabricators or manufacturers detailed notes for every preferred technique, material and process upfront will ensure that whatever quotes you receive are correct based on the project parameters you require. As a rule, EVS prides its self on highly-detailed quotes in response to RFQs, and the more information provided, the better we’re able to prepare our proposals for customers. 

A reputable fabricator will also always be ready and willing to provide examples of their work when they say they have experience in a specific area of fabrication. So never be afraid to ask for several. If a fabricator can’t provide this information? Run away. Quickly.

On a similar subject, if a project does require a very specific or specialized process, it’s completely acceptable to request samples of that work, if samples are feasible. Whether it’s a particular type of welding, metal polishing or powder coating, it shouldn’t be an issue for a reputable metal fabricator to provide samples.  

Finally, the key to a great metal fabrication RFQ is simply keeping front-of-mind through the process that the best ones immediately jump-start projects and set them off on the right foot, saving everyone time and ultimately money, too.

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