EVS Metal Fab 40 Fabricator
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EVS Metal was recently named a Fab 40 metal fabricator for 2018 by The Fabricator magazine, landing at number 24. Once again, EVS is the only sheet metal fabricator in the Tri-State area (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut) to make the prestigious list.

An Eye Toward Metal Fab’s Future

The last year has been particularly important for EVS Metal, one in which a great deal of investment was made to ensure complete modernization of the company’s processes and infrastructure in preparation for future growth.

One such initiative was ISO:9001 recertification to the 2015 standards across all four of EVS’ precision sheet metal fabrication facilities including Texas, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and the company’s headquarters in New Jersey. EVS also spent significant time optimizing its enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in order to ensure the most effective use of it as a company resource across all departments.

An Emphasis on Automation in Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

EVS Metal also choose to add to its already-extensive stable of fabrication equipment, including the purchase of a lightning-fast Amada ENSIS-Series 3015 3KW fiber laser — a cutting machine that is 4x more efficient than a CO2 laser, and able to accurately cut a nearly unheard of range of material thicknesses. Besides speed and accuracy, EVS choose this particular machine for its process automation capabilities, such as automatic nozzle changing, cut process monitoring and material automation.

Another addition was the Amada HG 1003 Automatic Tool Changer Press Brake now in operation in EVS’ Riverdale, NJ facility. The HG 1003 is considered one of the most impressive and efficient examples of automated bending technology currently available on the market.

The State of the Metal Fabrication Industry

The Fabricator’s coverage also included an overview of the metal fabrication industry as a whole, which they summed up as, “After a less-than-stellar 2016, the custom metal fabrication industry this year seems to be breathing a collective sigh [of relief], doubling down, and preparing for significant growth.”

That doesn’t mean industry growth has suddenly kicked into high gear. In fact, for companies making the most recent Fab 40, combined revenue has remained relatively flat for the past two years. However, it’s clear that fabricators are much more optimistic about the future of the industry than they have been in years past. In fact the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA) projects total equipment spending at $2.2B+, a historically high level.

EVS Metal is no exception to this trend. With 2018 revenue expected to increase more than 10% over 2017, plans to continue expansions via additional investments in new machines and skilled personnel are nearly certain across all four U.S. locations. 


About The Fabricator

Since 1971, The Fabricator has been North America’s leading magazine for the metal forming and fabrication industry. The magazine delivers news, technical articles and case studies that assist manufacturers in creating value and quality for their clients. The Fab 40 is an annual publication.

About EVS Metal

EVS Metal is an American precision metal fabricator with headquarters in Riverdale, NJ. We utilize the latest technology to laser cut, bend, weld and finish parts for integration or assembly into more complex products. Our four locations comprise more than 250,000 square feet of vertically integrated manufacturing space and feature the most modern equipment available, from bending and welding robots and laser cutting solutions to automated powder coating lines.