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Attainable Tolerances in Design for Manufacturing

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EVS Metal is committed to using industry-standard, attainable tolerances during the design stage of development for manufacturing and fabrication, even when dimensional tolerances have not been previously specified by our client. EVS also takes great care to understand the design’s purpose, which helps our engineers apply an even more specific range of tolerance to a given part design, and helps ensure complete customer satisfaction at the project’s completion. 

The Importance of Attainable Tolerances in DFM

Although easy to overlook within the confines of a large-scale project, the use of attainable tolerances is actually critical to successful project outcomes. Why? Because part designs that do not take this factor into careful consideration often require secondary fabrication processes, which can add considerable time and cost to execute. By working closely with customers during the design stage, and applying these standards to all designs, whether created in-house by EVS or by our clients’ own engineering teams, we can often avoid potentially expensive design decisions from going to prototyping or production stages in the first place.

In those cases where secondary processes are necessary, EVS Metal’s professional staff takes great pains to disclose pricing to our clients upfront so that they understand the effect this may have on their costs and lead times. Transparency and communication throughout the entire course of manufacturing are two of the key factors that allow us to differentiate ourselves from other precision sheet metal fabricators.

EVS Metal: Putting Customers First

EVS Metal is committed to their customers’ satisfaction. In order to achieve this level of service, we work hand-in-hand with our clients throughout every step of the manufacturing process, from concepting through fabrication and finishing. This ensures that at each touchpoint in the development of a part or prototype, our customers are fully informed about the implications of any and all decisions made that may affect the end result, be it in terms of design or final project cost.

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