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Collaborative Partnership in Manufacturing & Metal Fabrication

Collaborative Partership in Manufacturing
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There’s no doubt that manufacturing can be a challenging industry. Few people can understand (or appreciate) just how many factors need to be accounted for on a daily basis. It’s not just about making a product or even a line or products; from design and engineering, to prototyping and full production runs, to warehousing and shipping, there are multiple aspects at play in order to create and maintain a successful, innovative and cost-efficient business.

EVS understands these challenges and the common roadblocks to this type of success.  And that’s the core of EVS’ value proposition to its customers — the possession of the firsthand industry knowledge required to truly partner with them.  Because EVS is also a fabricator/manufacturer, there is a deep understanding of both the efficiencies and obstacles that are commonly experienced.

An example of the type of collaborative partnership EVS provides can be observed in the recent development and production of a mobile aviation workstation — the Air Wing.  A clear starting point for the design was completed in Solidworks and provided by our client. EVS then conducted DFM (design for manufacturing) meetings between our engineering and production teams in a cross-departmental effort to modify key elements of the workstation’s design. Once approved by our client, EVS rapidly prototyped and manufactured production units in an aggressive time frame.

The design modifications completed by EVS assisted our client in several ways, but one of the most important was streamlining the product’s assembly process, creating an efficiency that saved our client both time, and money.  And our ability to quickly produce saleable workstations helped them recoup the cost of the product’s modification and subsequent production much faster than they could have on their own. The end result?  A mobile repair workstation that optimizes tool storage and allows technicians to better do their jobs, and an extremely satisfied client with a newly-optimized, highly-profitable product, which was brought to market with incredible speed.

At EVS, we take pride in our ability to produce measurable results that help our clients succeed in an industry that is constantly changing, and always demanding. Because we are manufacturers, we understand manufacturers. It’s as simple as that.

From product design and production, to logistics, inventory management and shipping services, we strive to provide to provide a true collaborative partnership experience to clients along with a complete, end-to-end manufacturing solution.

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