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4 Tips for Finding the Right Metal Fabrication Company for Your Project

 No matter the industry, finding reliable sub-contractors is a difficult but necessary element of running a successful business.  This difficulty is compounded when you are talking about custom-made fabricated components.  In a business climate where quality, price, and delivery are essential for success, how do you choose the right metal fabricator from all of those companies that promise to deliver these essentials?


The first factor to consider is location.  Not only will choosing a company that proudly manufactures in the United States ensure you of unparalleled quality, but choosing a local vendor guarantees an open channel of communication, and the shorter distance avoids any unnecessary shipping delays.


The second factor to consider is the capability and versatility of the supplier. Choosing a fabricator with decades of experience in multiple manufacturing techniques of various metals allows for one-stop shopping and more efficient purchasing.  A company that offers value-added assembly, custom-tailored stocking programs, and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology is also better equipped to control both costs and lead times, which means you pay less and ship more!


Third, a supplier needs to have a professional, experienced team of engineers and quality personnel that can offer and implement solutions to the unique challenges of your industry. Design capabilities, certification to the latest ISO standard, and detailed procedures that govern the entire process from quote to delivery provide you with not only low cost, high-quality product, but peace of mind.


Finally, your supplier needs to offer top-notch customer service.  A policy demanding that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, along with attentive, available customer service representatives allows you to stay informed at all stages of the manufacture of your product and be involved in the process like you were part of the team – because you are!

If you are looking for a precision sheet metal fabricator, we invite you to check out any of EVS Metal’s four convenient locations to see for yourself how our versatility, professionalism, and experience can be the solution to your needs.


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