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Top 3 Reasons to Hire EVS Metal Fabrication

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EVS Metal is a leading sheet metal machining company and one of the best fabricators in the country. EVS makes it a point to offer more than its competitors—and that’s earned EVS high customer loyalty. So why exactly has EVS Metal become such a big name in the fabricating industry, and what keeps customers coming back for more? Here are the top three reasons companies depend on EVS:

1.   Full Service: We have made it a point to offer full-service, start-to-finish design and fabrication. EVS has skilled engineers who can take even the most complex concept or technical need and design an effective, efficient part to do the job. EVS can also fabricate complex assemblies and can offer assembling services in addition to fabrication. The result is a single company that can handle any stage of the assembly process, from design to machining to finishing to assembly, or manage the entire process from beginning to end. This, and a track record of being easy to work with and reliable, has made EVS stand out from its competitors.

2.   ISO Certified: Not every fabricator carries ISO certification, but at EVS Metal we consider it indispensable. The International Standard Organization (ISO) exists to make it easy for buyers to assess thequality of the materials they purchase and the reliability of manufacturers, by accrediting individual producers based on their methods and systems for quality control and customer service. At EVS metal, we are accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring we consistently produce top-quality materials and that all of our methods are transparent. In addition to quality metal fabricating, EVS also uses trackable computerized records that ensure traceability of every order—indeed, every part. We are committed to total accountability as your sheet metal fabricator at EVS Metal.

3.   History & Reputation: EVS was founded 20 years ago based on a philosophy of leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver higher quality products at affordable prices. EVS has always offered skilled design and engineering in addition to fabrication and finishing so that customers receive the most value possible on every project. Because of this attitude, EVS Metal has grown rapidly, from a single space of 5,000 square feet to three facilities of 71,000, 43,000 and 32,000 square feet with tremendous capabilities. Based on a reputation for dependability and attentive customer service, EVS has become one of the major names in the fabrication industry. Read about EVS Metal Placing in the Fabricator’s Top 40!

No matter what your machining and fabrication needs, EVS is ready to do the job for you. What do you need fabricated?

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