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How a Full-Service Metal Fabricator Boosts ROI

Sheet Metal Fabrication EquipmentWhether you need individual parts fabricated or an entire assembly, contracting a fabricator is a major investment. It’s important to not only get the parts you need, but also to get maximum value and a high ROI. While there are many experienced fabricators to choose from, only a select few offer full-service metal fabrication from start to finished product. These full service fabricators can help you control your costs across the design, fabrication and assembly process, ultimately delivering a better product with better ROI.

To understand how working with a full service metal fabricator is important for your ROI, let’s look at what exactly they offer.

Design and Engineering

Sometimes you already have the specs for the part you need. But in many cases, when you go to a fabricator you’re looking for a new component that will solve a problem, improve a product or play a crucial role in a new project. That means that before you can have it fabricated, it has to be properly designed. Full service metal fabricators have their own dedicated engineering team who can take your product needs and design the right part for the job. Having your fabricator handle the design gives you two big benefits: it saves you money compared to contracting a separate engineering team, and your product is designed by the people who know fabrication systems best.


A full service metal fabricator should be able to create virtually any metal component. They will have a wide variety of fabrication systems to meet different shaping, boring and tooling needs. And since they are a full service shop, they should
be set up for volume, with computerized systems that deliver flawless quality on every part.

Metal Finishing

Finishing should not be a separate project from fabrication. Whether it’s basic metal polishing or precision welding, a full service fabricator can take your component all the way to ready-to-install condition at a low cost.

Complex Assembly Services

Full service fabricators are set up to manage complex assemblies. By having your fabricator assemble the finished pieces, you get consistent quality and avoid the costs and mistakes of on-the-ground assembly.

There’s no doubt about it: working with a full service metal fabricator is important for your ROI. There is no need to hire multiple contractors to do the job that one start-to-finish fabrication house can do alone—for a fraction of the price.

Have full service fabricators saved your company money?


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