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Owning and operating your own business is an admirable endeavor, one that is possible for almost anyone to attempt. Unfortunately, however, in most industries, the pathway to success is a razor-thin line. If you try to outdo your competition too drastically or restrict quality for quantity, there’s a strong chance you may drive yourself out of business.

To help your business succeed, the experts at EVS Metal have utilized their generations’ worth of experience to create a method of production that is both efficient and effective toward sheet metal fabrication and other various precision metal solutions. With a mind toward reducing the cost and time involved in making and assembling sheet metal, our team of highly trained professionals has a thorough understanding of design for manufacturing.

When you partner with EVS Metal you will begin seeing the fruits of our involvement immediately, which means mutually beneficial growth for everyone. Below are a few examples of how our design for manufacturing experience can add value to your business.

Part Number Reduction

Nothing shrinks the overall cost of production more than reducing the number of individual parts that must be created. With fewer parts to worry about, there aren’t as many purchases required, less inventory space needed, and handling time is drastically shorter. Overall, it makes each step in the production process more efficient.

Decrease in Number of Process Steps

By reducing the number of steps that must be taken in order to complete the finished product, both time and cost requirements can be drastically diminished. Fewer labor demands also allow employees to grasp their specific tasks with greater acuity. This benefit couples well with, and is often the result of, part number reduction. It takes less time to combine fewer pieces, providing greater efficiency in every aspect.

Utilize a System of Standard Components

Much like part reducing, standard components can reduce the complexity of the entire chain of production. Instead of a small number of parts, however, this idea focuses on the simplification of parts. By relying on pieces that can be mass-produced instead of custom-made, the amount of time need to acquire each piece is drastically shortened. Furthermore, the use of standard components relieves, in part, the manufacture’s concern of meeting production schedules.

Avoid Expensive Secondary Operations

When clients need precision sheet metal fabrications, EVS Metal seeks to provide exactly what they request. While secondary operations such as laser cutting, cutting, punching, and drilling are always available, we abstain from requiring unnecessary procedures in an attempt to raise prices. We perceive our customers as partners, not targets to take advantage of.

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