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EVS Metal: 20 Years of Sheet Metal Fabrication Excellence

EVS Metal New Jersey Metal Fab FacilityRiverdale, NJ – January 20, 2014: EVS Metal, Inc., a leading supplier of fabricated sheet metal, integration, machined parts and engineering services, proudly celebrates 20 years in business in 2014.

From Fabricating Enclosures to Nearly Everything

Incorporated by Scott Berkowitz and Joe Amico in 1994 to provide industrial rack mount enclosures for the growing PC market, EVS Metal found a precision sheet metal market looking for a company with a fresh approach.  EVS Metal has grown from a single 5,000 square foot, 10 employee facility to a company with four ISO9001:2015 certified facilities with over 250 employees in New Jersey, Texas, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and combined manufacturing space of 271,000 square feet.  In addition to its metal fabrication service, EVS now provides machining, finishing, engineering, logistic and integration services.

EVS Metal has been near the top of the Fabricators Fab40 since the report’s inception.  A commitment to its people and finding the best talent is one of the reasons for the company’s impressive growth.  According to President and co-founder, Scott Berkowitz, “Our biggest asset is our highly capable workforce dedicated to customer service.  We have always tried to foster an environment where employees take pride in their work and where they can grow with the company. We still employ 5 of our original 10 people.”

New Industries, New Core Competencies 

An additional part of the growth has been the ability to penetrate a wide variety of industries and to add capabilities to service those industries.  According to Vice President and co-founder, Joseph Amico, “Over the last 3 years, we have expanded into the Transportation Industry, requiring a commitment to more sophisticated assembly and testing capabilities. This has also provided us the opportunity to expand services to our established customer base, as well as offering these skills to new markets”.

Another component to our success has been a commitment to the latest machine and software technology. According to Bob Evans, General Manager of EVS Texas, “Over the 13 years I have been at EVS, there has never been a hesitation to add the newest equipment. EVS Texas began operating with new state of the art equipment rather than purchasing older outdated versions which enabled us to grow quickly.”

Linda Lacey, General Manager of EVS New Hampshire added: “When EVS took over Holden Company they never hesitated, in spite of the fact that it occurred during the 2008-2009 recession, to replace outdated equipment with new machines and at the same time add capabilities such as laser cutting, and finishing pre-processing. This delighted our customer base and helped us expand our business with them. A few customers who were threatening to leave due to the outdated facility were satisfied and remained.”

EVS Metal and its employees look forward to the next 20 years of exceeding customer expectations and riding the ever-changing landscape of the fabrication industry.

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