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Watch as the New EVS Metal Fabrication Facility is Built from the Ground Up

EVS Metal's New Jersey Metal Fabrication Facility Construction

May 11 — EVS Metal is hard at work preparing our new Riverdale, NJ facility, pictured above in the midst of its transformation. The facility will house shipping and receiving, a warehouse, large-scale welding, stamping, and several assembly lines.

The loading dock area was rebuilt to allow dock access for 3 vehicles, which will give us 4 docks altogether and help with incoming and outgoing logistics. Additionally, we have upgraded the electrical service to 480 volts to allow the installation of customized machinery as required.

This is a big step for EVS, as it will give us huge room for growth. More room means more for production and efficient service to our customers.

May 31st — Check out the latest photo of our brand new precision sheet metal fabrication facility in Riverdale, NJ. Not too bad, huh?

Even though there’s no equipment in place at our sheet metal fabrication location in NJ, we do have a very important part of our company hanging from the ceiling. Can you spot it?

July 30th — Our new NJ precision sheet metal fab facility is coming along great. As you can see in the pictures, we have the racks up. We are ready to move our shipping department into the new building, and we are also adding offices to the second floor of the front of the building. Only a matter of time now before we’re ready to get rolling with metal fabrication in New Jersey!

August 15th — It’s finally ready! The new EVS Metal precision sheet metal fabrication location is officially up and running. It’s been a long road, but one that was well worth the wait. Our new building offers modern office space, a larger, connected warehouse, and a larger shop floor that will allow us to continue to invest in the metal fab equipment that we need to meet our customers’ needs. From CNC machining and forming processes, to assembly, integration, and shipping, we are ready to serve the Eastern U.S. with our state-of-the-art facility.

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