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Metal Fabrication Company Grows By Staying Small

EVS Metal was featured in The Fabricator magazine’s 2012 Fab 40. The article talks about how multiple locations help EVS stay more agile than their larger sheet metal fabrication competitors.

EVS’s co-founder, Joseph Amico, is quoted in the article. Here’s an excerpt:

How does a metal fabricator grow yet maintain the same customer responsiveness that helped to build the business in the first place? By staying small, of course.

What sounds like a riddle of the Great Sphinx is actually the secret of EVS Metal’s success. The Riverdale, N.J., metal fabricator has deliberately tried to maintain a certain revenue and employee size so it can be as nimble as it needs to be to respond to customers. In the meantime, it has grown by trying to replicate its fabricating strategy elsewhere, with small and agile facilities in Pflugerville, Texas; Keene, N.H.; and East Stroudsburg, PA.

“Part of our concept was that you could make a facility only so large and still service the customer well. We started to see some competitors grow to be very large, and they aren’t around today. When they were growing, we even wondered if there was enough business around to even run a $30 million facility,” said Joseph Amico, EVS Metal’s vice president and one of the founders of the company.

“We thought if we had a bunch of facilities that were around $10 million, we could still service customers as if we were a small company,” he added.

The strategy appears to be working as the company earned almost $31 million in revenue in 2011 and aims to have more than $34 million this year. This is accomplished with three locations, each having some duplicate and some unique metal fabricating capabilities, and a new Pennsylvania location that is being brought up to speed so that it can further add to the company’s flexible fabricating operations.

For a great read, here’s the full article on The Fabricator’s website


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