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Inside The Operation: EVS Metal + Amada



EVS Metal was very pleased to be featured in an article in Amada’s magazine.

Some key quotes from the article came from one of EVS’s two co-founders, VP Joe Amico:

“You have to look at the whole value proposition,” says Amico. “Sure, there are some machines out there that move faster and cut faster than the Amada. We could have opted for linear motors, or more robust material handling, but we would have spent another $200,000 for basically the same machine. For our budget, it was a no-brainer. We came right back to the Amada.”

“Sure, you need good equipment, but without the people we’d be nothing,” says Amico. “So, besides investing in new technology, we’ll also invest in our people with training and knowledge sharing. In short, we’ll keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing — communicate, collaborate, and continuously improve.”

“On one of our jobs, we have 150″ of weld, and with the Lincoln [robotic welding cell], we can do it in six minute. By hand, it took an hour. On large, bulky parts, or those with very long weld beads, a robot can definitely outperform a human,” he explains. “Humans don’t have the same stamina or positioning speed of a robot.”


Robert Evans, VP and GM of EVS Metal’s Pflugerville, Texas metal fabrication facility, contributed as well:

“We have four facilities, and we share a lot of work between them, so we try to keep the technology the same across all locations,” says Evans. “All of the machines are linked together and can share programs and tooling. Since a large percentage of our work repeats, being able to easily put a job on any machine gives us a lot of flexibility. And all of our programming is done offline, directly from customer CAD files.”


Check out the rest of the article via the screenshots below!




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